Latest Clicks of Hamza Ali Abbasi & Naimal Khawar From Paris

Hamza and Naimal honeymoon pictures are all over the internet. They look so perfect together, and we can’t take our eyes off them. 

From a simple wedding to a luxurious honeymoon, Hamza and Naimal are winning the hearts of people. Their honeymoon started in Barcelona, Spain, and the next stop is Paris, France. 

Naimal is an active social media user, so she posts their honeymoon pictures on Instagram for her fans. Hamza and Naimal are enjoying their fullest in the city of love. 

Here are some of the latest pictures of Hamza and Naimal all the way from Paris. Have a look! 

Hamza Naimal 1 3

Hamza Naimal 2 2

Hamza Naimal 3 2

Hamza Naimal 4 2

Hamza Naimal 5 2

Hamza Naimal 6 2


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