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Ways to utilize gap year and make it an enriching experience

Taking a gap year from university means you need to set your priorties straight about what career path you want to walk on. Some of us just need extra time to make up our minds. Your gap year can be the most enriching experience of your life if you utilize it usefully. Read on to find out how you can make the most of your time off.

Do volunteer work

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Give back to the society by getting involved in volunteer work. Find causes that are close to your heart such as an NGO – teach orphans and young children, help the elderly at your local hospital, volunteer at animal care units. This can bring a meaningful change in someone’s life and yours too.

Look for an internship

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Many places look for internees all year round, these might be paid or unpaid opportunities. Discover what you’re good at and what skills you have. This can help you in writing up your CV accordingly. Research about places which are providing internship opportunities and send them your CV. Any place you work at will open career paths accordingly and even help you get into a good university. If you have an insightful experience, who knows you might be even able to acquire a job in the future at the same place.

Learn a new skill

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While you take a break from formal education, try your hand at something new. Enroll yourself in various courses and learn a new language, an instrument, learn how to cook, join baking classes – the options are endless.

Explore your country

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Surely a gap year should not bound you to your home, of course you’re saving up for university. You can still set aside a few bucks to explore and gain knowledge about your country. There’s scenic mountains to explore, beautiful lakes to see, cultures to learn about and new people to meet.

Polish your hobbies

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Are you fond of painting or cooking or baking or singing? Polish your hobbies as a part time career. After all it’s that one talent you naturally have, so why not take time to invest in it and make it better. Who knows you’ll be making an actual career out of the hobbies you have.

Spend time with family

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Once you’re in university you’ll hardly get time to spend with your family. Sit down with them for lunch or dinner, go out with them, talk to them and make the most of your time with your loved ones.

Learn how to manage be an adult

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Being in university means you’ll need to start getting prepared for the real world in the next 3-4 years. You won’t just miraculously be ready for it, so start now. Learn how to manage your finances, start budgeting, pay your own bills, make your own meals, iron your own clothes and all the essential skills one at a time. It may even give you a head start on your peers once you finally reach university.