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Latest Pictures Of Ayeza Khan And Her Family

Ayeza Khan has been very happy juggling family life and her career. She has her priorities set straight. She made sure that she gave time to her new family after she got married but is back in showbiz now that her baby Hoorain is a few months old and she has bonded with her new family. Ayeza has always said that for her family comes before work. When she got married she was not worried that her career or fan following might suffer because of her decision to get married at a time when it was the peak of her career. The drama serial Pyare Afzal gave Ayeza Khan unmatched success and fame but she did not let that change her goals in life. Even when Ayeza and Danish got married, many people expected them to work together to get even more popularity but Ayeza disappeared from the television screen soon after her wedding.

Ayeza and Danish in many interviews made it clear that Danish never asked her to stay away from showbiz but it was her own decision to give more time to family after they got married. Ayeza Khan is busy shooting for Tum Kon Piya, she is very excited about the project. She also keeps on doing different photo shoots. Danish and Ayeza will be seen together in Brite TVC very soon.

While talking about what she thought about herself in a recent interview Ayeza Khan said,

“I’d say I am simple, I never thought too highly of myself. I am the same Ayeza who started off years ago as a nobody. I like living a simple life.”

Ayeza Khan also shared how she felt when she saw Danish Taimoor on the big screen. She said,

“I see a superstar, the way Danish looks in films, he never looked that way in dramas. His cinematic appearance is larger than life and I’m really proud of him.”

Here are some latest pictures of Ayeza Khan’s photoshoot, her sweet baby Hoorain and with Danish Taimoor.

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