Lighter Side of Life – A show about Lifestyle of Media Personalities

Among the fresh shows of this season is Lighter Side of  Life, a 7th Sky Entertainment Production. This show will be broadcasted from Hum Tv on Saturdays at 9pm. As told by Nida earlier, Mahira Khan will be the one to host this show.

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TUC Lighter Side of  Life will be a refreshing addition to the list of new shows and to add the charm Mahira will also be there. Being a VJ,it wont be difficult for her to host the show. But when it comes to deal with media personalities and their lives then it is relatively different as well as difficult to deal as compared to hosting a music show.

Enjoy all Promos Here :

The Lighter Side Of Life – Promo 1 by reviewit

The Lighter Side Of Life – Promo 2 by reviewit

The Lighter Side of Life – Promo 3 by reviewit

Lets see how Mahira will deal with everyone.And whether she will live up to our expectations or not.

Do share your views about this recent addition in prime-time slot.

Rabia Basharat.


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