Lighter side of life – If there is a season two!!!

Before I start off I need to make it clear that I am in no way impressed by super pretentious Koffee with Karan. I personally loathe the over pretentious scandals and personal drama depicted in the show. However when I saw the previews of our take on such show in the form of TUC: The Lighter Side of Life, I thought; it is finally happening. We are finally going to celebrate our own celebrities and give them a chance to share their lives with audience. I was wrong, what turned out was; a complete mess and a host who was seriously short on her homework. There was improvisation and laughter but all of it seemed imposed and pointless.
So if they are thinking of making another such show or coming up with another season of the same; they need to learn a few things.

I am here to discuss a few and I would be very happy if you would like to add some more.

The Host:

Mahira Khan has evolved enormously as an actor. Humsafar was the bedrock which established her as a serious actress and then she shined again in Shehr e Zaat. Although she been a VJ in past and that seemed to help her allot in her hosting duties, unfortunately it did not. Mahira was seriously underprepared for the celebrities she had in front of here.

The most embarrassing and taxing show was; when she had Ayesha Omar and Sanam Saeed on her show. I have tried so much but I have failed enormously to forget the bit where Mahira asks Sanam and Ayesha to VJ and attend an annoying caller, which was played by Mahira. For a moment there I was stunned beyond belief that Mahira thinks this as an intelligent show. The bit and caller was the most embarrassing, annoying and not at all funny part of the series.

There were instances where Mahira in front of many others tried to play it serious. She wanted to show that she is not all laughter but even when she was playing this serious host her questions very misplaced. And in those moments of sobriety she was so shallow and distant that she did not involve herself with the guests and the audience. All of it seemed to be a huge rush to ‘turki bey turki’; which again was like ‘what????:O”.

The Guests

Well I liked the other guests, but mostly I was annoyed when Ayesha Omar went on and on about the troubles of making it alone in the big city. There were points where as an audience I really wanted Sanam to speak but no…!!!!!! Ayesha Omar can have her own show for the entire year and yet she will never be up. When she was not telling her tale of woe, Ayesha Omar was having flashes of intellect where she was hell bent on imparting her words of wisdom. However I think that Sanam in that show held her poise and did not give way to the antics of her co-guest. Mahira was of no help in that show either, when you are hosting the show you expect the host to have some control over the show but Ayesha was totally out of control.

One more word of advice; when you are preparing for the show please make sure that you a bit different from each other. Other than the colors of your dresses all three ladies were dressed way too much alike from my liking and I really needed someone to show that she is buying some other stuff.


The content of the show needs some serious bashing. There was actually no homework, I mean a little bit of here and there was all for the show to be put on air. There was no consistency in the show, at one moment in time Mahira was being all to serious and the very next moment she was being pointless who tried so hard to make people laugh, and then she was back again.

Dear TV people if you really want to make such shows, vest a little bit more a hard work. Flashy sets and dresses along with super imposed humor will not make the show work….

Jehanzeb J.


My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.