MasterChef Pakistan Week 02 – Last Boot Camp!

So, with this episode, the 2nd week of MasterChef comes to an end & also the boot camp has ended where the final selection has been done & we got the first lot of top 16 in our very first season of MasterChef.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the episode & also the challenges that were set for the contestants to make it through to the next level. The first challenge also seemed comparatively simple yet again but it wasn’t because the judges knew what they were looking for. Another 10 contestants were selected in the potato peeling round accumulating the number of selected contestants to 30.

The main & the last challenge of Boot Camp was held in Moin Khan Academy where 30 contestants had to fight for securing the spot in top 16 that too by showing their BBQ techniques & skills. The contestants got sea food, red meat & white meat randomly & they had to decide what they were presenting the chefs spontaneously.

I am glad that we got to see some brilliant performances because one really can’t experiment with the looks of the barbecued meat but the way the contestants presented the food was brilliant. The judges set the criteria of ingredients, taste, presentation & creativity on which they’d be making the judgments & they themselves were glad to see the contenders coming up with absolutely brilliant dishes that too in the time frame of 60 minutes.

A lot of great contestants made it to the top 16 & a few were left behind. It may be wasn’t their day but I am glad that they showed a sportsman spirit & accepted the decision of the judges pretty well. I was glad to see Adnan Qureshi, Iqra Yasin, Madiha Khalid, Maryam Nida, Amna, Gulnaz, Ali Shah, Saad Ali, Azam Hafiz, Rayyan Durrani, Khurram Haroon, Ammarah Numan, Anila Qamar along with few others making it to the next round.

I was hoping that they’d unveil the MasterChef Kitchen this week but it didn’t happen. The preview did show a few glimpses & I must say I am totally impressed. Everything looks top-notch & the finesse is praise worthy. The project managers have done an amazing job in providing the quality that was required of this kitchen. I thought by the end of the selection process they’d show a ticker of the top 16 with their names & their respective cities but it didn’t happen. By this time around they should make a move & help us in memorizing the names of the contestants because it gets harder to remember & keep a track of them. But never-mind, 2 weeks down & still totally impressed. The team has done their job really well.

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Zahra Mirza

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