Listen Up the Famous Chai Wala also has a Name- Arshad Khan

The famous Chai wala whose picture was taken by a Islamabad-based photographer Javeria Ali Javeria saw the Chai wala in a tea stall in Islamabad’s Sunday Bazaar. Javeria posted the picture on her Instagram account and then found the picture going viral on the social media.

On the other hand Arshad Khan did not know hen his picture was taken and suddenly saw flyers in hands of children which had his picture. In the beginning when media approachd Arshad he got very disturbed and his uncle (Mamoo) was also worried. But soon when they found out that it was Arshad’s good looks that have attracted the media then they started enjoying this attention of media.

Regarding Arshad’s background, he is from Kohat and used to make tea at the Itwar Bazaar from last three months. Arshad is not educated. He has plans to get married but will marry that girl which his parents will select for him.

Arshad is very happy with the fame he is getting and says that if he will get a modelling and acting offer he will surely accept it.

The good news is that Arshad’s first shoot is already out.  Retail site has signed on Arshad as a model, for an undisclosed amount.

Good luck Arshad!

Some Funny tweets for the famous Arshad Khan



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