Live Chat With Mawra Hocane

Mawra Hocane will be seen in HUM TV’s upcoming play Ahista Ahista. HUM TV arranged a live chat with the actress in which people asked her many interesting questions.

Mawra told her fans that she started acting two years ago when she was nineteen years old. She also said that it was basically the circumstances. She is somebody who really believes in fate and she thinks whatever is written for you happens. It all just happened in the blink of an eye. According to her it was Allah who helped her through.

Mawra likes anything cooked by her mom. Mawra said that she and Urwa seldom fight that is because Urwa is not much older than her, she is only a year old but while they were being brought up Mawra was trained to respect her elders. She said that she was always told to listen to her older sister so she is the sort who always listens to her older sister. She said “When I don’t listen to her, I get scolded but we never fight. Urwa is my best Friend in the world”.

She said that her character in Ahista Ahista is positive, one can guess that from the teasers. But she said that she was not going to tell the details of the character because she wants the viewers to be very curious so that they will watch the drama.

Mawra said that Pakistani film makers have recently started making good movies. The teaser for Urwa’s movie is also launching in three days. That is exactly when Mawra’s drama Ahista Ahista launches. Mawra says that she would love to watch such Pakistani films. She said that she listens to Bollywood songs a lot but whenever a good Pakistani song comes she loves to listen to it.

Here is the video of the live chat with Mawra.