LSA 2016 Rehearsals In Full Swing

The most anticipated award show Lux Style Awards will be held on 29 July and with so little time left, the rehearsals are in full swing. Frieha Altaf, the director of the show, ia busier than ever. Sheheryaar Munawar, Sohaye Abroo, Urwa and Farhan Saeed are rehearsing for their performances, Ali Zafar is all set to host the show and record his Qawwali.

What got us the most excited was the reunion (sort of) of EP – Fawad Khan and Ahmed Ali Butt. Here are some pictures:

IMG_20160727_171907 IMG_20160727_171757

IMG_20160727_171708 IMG_20160727_173016 IMG_20160727_172445

IMG_20160727_173101 IMG_20160727_172950

IMG_20160727_172805 IMG_20160727_172614 IMG_20160727_172721

IMG_20160727_173212 IMG_20160727_172935





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