App Ke Liye – Episode 03!

Ohkay so, this episode of App Ke Liye was pretty decent because it took the story forward & looks like soon enough Shaheer & Washma will tie the knot & then the real game will begin.

Washma got Shaheer familiar with a unique way of dealing with the emotional pain & it was for the first time that Shaheer got to know that one can overcome a pain this way too. Washma told Shaheer what he might not have heard from someone before, that one should try to be as happy as possible because it will hurt the ego of those who’ve hurt them. Shaheer couldn’t fathom the fact that a girl whose fiancé just dumped her could be so happy & ecstatic. They both shared a good time together & immediately became friends, because they both were having a hard time & indirectly they were being a moral support for one another.

Nishat Apa is way too concerned for Shaheer but it is amazing that even in such crucial times (according to her) her curls were still intact. She plans to do something for her brother which according to her will help him overcome this emotional suffering that he is going through. Her husband is just a tag along & he doesn’t seem too involved in what his wife says or does as he is too busy hitting on Washma in their office.

As expected, Maryam didn’t take the news too well & she kept on blaming Washma for everything, without even thinking for a second that may be her brother Arsalan might also be thinking on those lines too. Washma took the brunt for something that Arsalan wants but it is good that she is strong enough to tolerate a few taunts without letting anyone change her decision. It is interesting to see that just because Maryam doubts & dislikes Washma, she didn’t think of asking Arsalan about what actually happened & why Washma was taking such a step. She left her husband because she feels for her brother more but like Washma said, it was quite immature of both Waheed & Maryam to let Arsalan & Washma’s decision affect their relationship.

It was good to see that Shaheer became comfortable around Washma & not only that he started reading her face & tried to decipher her thoughts too. At least he knows that her engagement has been called off, so that is why he is being courteous towards her & I believe soon enough he will start developing some feelings for her too.

Areesha is getting ticked off by Nishat’s interference in her life & she has warned Shaheer about it too. Areesha might be immature & impulsive but at least she is wise enough to see how controlling Nishat is & how she has Shaheer wrapped around her finger. Areesha’s motive might make her look selfish but at least her judgment when it comes to Nishat is spot on. Let’s see what more she does in order to make Shaheer see Nishat’s real face.

The preview of the next episode suggested that Nishat might tell Shaheer to adopt her son, which means that she definitely doesn’t want Shaheer to have his own kids because then they will become entitled to Shaheer’s wealth. I can’t wait to see what havoc Washma will create when she will enter their lives. The direction of the drama is good but I wish the cameraman had used an anti-glare lens, also I find it quite bothersome that the camera doesn’t stop moving, it actually evokes a headache. I hate to say it again & again but I am actually not impressed with the way Samina Peerzada has portrayed this character, her overall look is one thing but her OTT expressions are quite hard to digest too. She really didn’t need to go overboard to prove a point that Nishat is evil, we get that ma’am, we most certainly get it!!! Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of App Ke Liye.

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