LSA 2019 were a bit unfair with Ary digital

Youtube Audiences who actually watch shows like Balla, Aesi hay tanhai, Dil mom ka dia are not buying LSA distribution as just, they say how can on earth iqra aziz win twice an award for best actor female, where has Neelum’s character ulfat gone, where has the ushna’s character bala gone where has the Sonia ‘s charachter pakeeza gone.
Where is Sami khan’ s heart wrenching acting gone.
Where everyone seemed to be satisfied with LSA 2019 films category distribution, YouTube audiances is just hating it we have a lot of instances to show how much in rage youtube community is, they say iqra didn’t do anything out of the box and Farhan did equally well and wasn’t even nominated. Why Faysal Quraishi wasn’t nominated for Haiwan and Baba Jani.
Do you think it was all just?
Because we all know aesi hey tanhai, dil mom ka dia and balaa were blockbusters, many of the viewers are of the view that they were unfair with Ary digital and we felt it so. InShot 20190808 013451214

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  • What i want to say is k neelum k sath bht unfair hua n ushna k sath bhi. Magr neelum ko award nhi mila jiska bht afsos hai. Uska ulfat character usk career ka best character tha. Mere mohally k bachy bachy ko ye ulfat bibi yad hai n us ne drama main iqra se kahin guna bahter acting ki n sab ko rula diya end per. Bht hi ghtya pan kia LSA ne. Main ne to ulfat n ushna dono ko award diya tha n iqra ko to zero per rakha. Magr award dono k dono iqra ko mily jo k ziadti thi neelum k sath.

  • Yes it was some how unfair award distribution as balla like dramas stamina pirzada and ushna was ignored

  • Really mje bhe samj me nahi aa raha ky iqra aziz ko kis cetagory me award milay hain. Suno chanda one month base drama tha. iqra kee acting aur character bhe normal thee. dil mom ka diya aur balla bohat kamal ky drama thay. Neelam munir ko award milna chaheye tha. Iqra aziz koi itni achi actress nahi hai.

  • I am fan of iqra.. But asa ni k har award oasy milta.. 3n award.. Ak e drama ko zaydati. Now i understand awards show unfair e hoty. Usna sha.. Nelam munir.. And soni. These three are also did very well job

  • For Neelam Munir should have won the best actress award for “Dil mom ka Diya”.Faial Qureshi was not even nominated! Not fair.

  • I agree on most of the comments.
    Sonya Hussain is my favorite and she aroused my emotions by her role in Aisi hai tanhai.

  • Soniya hussain deserves the award as her character was outstanding in drama serial esi hy tanhai..

  • Neelummuneer k sath ghalat Hua is award par haq usi ka Tha na k iqra aziz ka jis ko acting bhi abhi thk say nhi I usko aword dadeya this is wrong

  • Best actress award must be given to neelum munir for Dil mom Ka diya.totally unfair LSA awards.

  • Yes I agree with all of u. This is totally unfair with our Ary digital actresses. I love drama dil mom ka diya. Neelam muneer. Best acting. She deserves award. Drama balaa. Best drama. Also drama Hewan best acting by faisal Qureshi also. Drama Do bol best acting of hira and Afaan. We only watch Ary dramas . Bc they r best.

  • Its totally unfair award show… Ignore sonya Hussain nelum munir and ushna… Iqra aziz ma aisa kia tha Jo usy 2 2 award dy dye

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