Lux Style Awards 2016 Preparations

Lux Style Awards 2016 is a much anticipated event because LSA is known for recognizing and appreciating true talent from all fields of showbiz. After the nominees were announced, Ahmed Ali Butt and Ali Safina asked the jury to review the nominations. According to the revised nominations, Ahmed Ali Butt’s name was moved to the category of Best Supporting Actor like he requested, but Ali Safina’s nomination was not moved.

Now, celebrities including Mahira Khan, Yasir Hussain and veteran model Frieha Altaf were seen prepping for the big day.

IMG_20160715_232227 IMG_20160714_221931 IMG_20160715_232312 IMG_20160715_232355

Also, have a look at the final jury:


Stay tuned for more updates.


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