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Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • thori shrm o haya kr lo kse tm logo ny dress phny han r apny aap ko muslims khty ho muslims k nam p dagh bn ry ho tm log khuda ko kia mu dikhao gy kafroo ny to yh krna h krna r tm log khuda k behtreen makhlooq ho kr ase be hayai k kpre socho utho ankhen kholo kia kr ry ho tm log,,,

  • Omg such nice awards i am anxiously waiting for this awards i am getting crazy day by day by waiting for fawad and mahira holding their awards ♥♥♥ Jaldi ajaooo :)


  • Yeh be hayai dekh kar Lagta hai k Pakistan mai Allah ka bahot bura qahar nazil hone wala hai

  • pakistani indians ko copy krty krty un sy bhot age nikal gaye hai :( Amina shekh ko to ab sharam ati ni likn kia us ka huzbnd b andha ho gaya hai…
    kahi say ni lag raha k ye sb musalman hai… :(

    • yes, pakistani always follow indians, dont blame only showbiz world, general public also follows indian actors style, like hair cut of amir khan was quite popular some years ago, hair styles of daleep kumar, shahrukh, dressing,hair, jewllery makeup style of indian actress are also followed, infact indian celebrities are so much popular in our country that its been a norm that in cosmetics and household products there is abundance of indian celebrities like shahrukh khan in pepsodent ad, katrina, kareena, shilpa in shampoos ad, the list is never ending. Craze of indian style is overwhelming in us pakistanis from generation after generation, so why we expect our showbiz industry will not be influenced by it, they are also from us

      But claiming that we had passed india is a false statement, For evidence just watch highlights or complete show of any indian award that geo tv telecast every saturday saying "GEO TV proudly presents". the indian award show is a semi nude show, which is proudly presented by GEO (if this is proud presentation of GEP, what should be the disgusting presentation look like) still many people with families watch this semi nude show as known as indian award show a proud presentation of geo

      Come to our award show unfortunately we dont have many, only PTV award and lux style are there, HUM has recently joined in. All these award shows are decent infact quite quite decent if compared to the proudly presented award shows on GEO. The most decent is the PTV award that is telecasted in novemeber every year, but sad fact is most of the audience never bothers to watch it.

  • I want to say some words to all viewers, please change your mind,. and be optimistic, this is under the limits all wear full covered cloths, we should have to show the world that we are educated nation and we have talent. I am out of country and belive me even indian likes our fashon and try to copy them and even the lawn when it realesed in Pakistan also copied in indian and also rest of the world, lots of pplz order online there fashon, because we have very talented pplz in this industry.,
    I say gr8 words to sana safina, alkaram, ego, outfitter, baransi, and all others brands in Pakistan.
    and regarding this event this is very good plateform for us to show world our talent and style, very nice pictures, and event, I am waiting for the full coverage of this event,

    • a balanced opinion, award shows promote our entertainment industry and introduce our country to outside world, there should be many more awards.
      Unfortunately we have only lux style awards, that covers all film, tv and fashion fields. The other awards like PTV award and HUM award are specific to these channels only.
      We should encourage unilever administration for constantly investing and promoting our entertainment industry by keep on arranging this award year after year from almost 13-14 years. I hope they will carry on with this practice and keep on promoting our talent

        • Yes lily totally rite, our artist can promote our talent by wearing full covered dresses. Infact this should be the practice to be followed in our award shows , but some (not all) of our artist don’t follow this which is a sad thing. Above pictures are same, meera, noor, sahiba and humaima are in traditional covered dresses, while sana, Ayesha umar and amina sheikh have some body exposed, while mathira is totally covered, but her dress is skin fit.
          Question is why it is so, for this I guess majority of audience of TV play a pivotal role in deciding about the trend and style they want to watch on TV whether some minority audience like it or not. I have repeatedly mentioned a fact on various comments that there is an award show the oldest TV award of Pakistan i.e PTV award show held every year, in which celebrities appear totally covered, but audience don’t like that award and it lacks viewership and its rating is too low. While rating of lux style award is much higher. Also Indian semi nude shows, popularly known as Indian award shows, are regularly telecasted by GEO TV and ARY TV and their rating is much much higher.
          What message this trend of audience is giving to the producers and sponsors that TV audience is not interested in watching PTV award, their interest is in something like lux style and Indian semi nude shows. Public demand is the driving force behind trend of programs now a days, if rating of a program is low it is stopped by the channel see nadia khan show is again telecasted, but its rating was low so channel stopped it. But PTV is a government channel who don’t have to base their programs based upon public trend so they keep on telecasting a totally covered dresses show, but public ignores and reject it altogether. Have you seen any discussion, any pictures, any report from ptv report on any social media, forum, blog or discussion board, reason bcoz majority of public is no longer interested in watching such content.

    • Raja sahib is'nt it a sort of vulgarity?????? Means being like this is good for the whole world??? Pakistan is still a Muslim country ya for this also v should change the opinion and choice..

    • Mr raja, people are commenting on culture and dressing, not on profit or business, , and we all wish best luck and proud of Pakistani textiles and designs but we are talking about showing of body , would u like if this trend get in fashion and gets common among our ladies, and girls and in our families, being educated, doesn't mean show ur skin,, please make sure you know the difference between fashion, business and culture…thanks

  • the most awaited event of the year for me, we dont have any award to recognize efforts of our great artists, previously there was nigar award, but it is no more now. Thanks to unilever to showing faith in pakistani entertainment industry. Hope this award will be onaired on ARY on eid.

  • Mai India se hoon par mujhe indian dramas ghatya behooda lagte the ..Phir mai Pakistani dramas dekhne lagi coz mujhe laga paki dramas wer better than indian soaps in many term,they are sober n not cheap in dressing n dialogues…but am dissapointed after watching the pics of these award shows..they look no different from cheap indian award shows..

    • dont know which indian award show you have watched, but believe me, this lux style and other award shows are much much decent than indian award shows. In Pakistan there is a channel named GEO which "produdly presents" and telecasts one indian award show every weekend like filmfare, IIFA, zee etc. and those indian shows are in short semi nude shows.

      come to pakistani award show, it is no way near to any indian show in nudity, dont know which picture listed above had made you realized that a pakistani award show is no different from cheap indian nude show. In most of the pictures above ladies are wearing traditional pakistani dresses and are totally covered, in two pictures ladies are wearing a western dress exposing one leg, while in one, one arm of a lady dancing with atif aslam is sleeveless. All the ladies apart from these three mentioned are totally covered and are in pakistani dresses. Compare to indian award (semi nude) shows, every actor appear in as tiny outfit exposing its maximum body, which is not case with pakistani award show.

      Comparing pakistani and indian award show is like comparing apple with oranges. Please dont make a false claim that a "pakistani award looks no different from cheap indian award"

      • aik famous proverb ha aik mashli sary telab ko gnda kar dte ga….. same is the case here…

        • with all due respects, i didnt understand your point , who is "macchli" and who is "talaab" which is becoming "ganda" over here

    • DEAR nida, Pakistani dramas main ik lesson hota ha,or ik limits hoti ha dressing ki .dailog ki and very close to real life…..

  • Seems Rashid Nizar Ali is covering, supporting, leading member and the speaker for the whole industry!!

  • being a muslim myn yehi dua karti hon k ALLAH in tamam chhichhoriyon ko rah e hadayat atta farmaey . ye log kasi musalman hyn qayamat k roz ye kis mun se MOHAMMAD(SAAW) ki shafaet ki talabgaar hongi. inko promot karne walonko b chuloo bhar pani myn doob marna chahiye.

    • shame on u girlz….. tm log ya bhol gae ho k tm log musalman orty ho…. dnt be copyied indian style yr plz dnt forgot urs religous…

  • waki inko dekh k lagta hai jasy ALLAH a azab any wala hy.aur kitna azab aye phly b pakistan mn reh k konsy asiashain mili hn
    achy dress phhny par plz nangy na hun

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