Maan jao na set to release on eid ul fitar

Maan jao na set to release on eid ul fitar

The movie with its Iranian leading lady Naaz has caused quite a stir in February when the leading cast had a meet up and gave some insight into the movie. It’s shot mainly in the metropolitan Karachi and some parts are from Sukkhar.

Along with debutante hero Adeel Chaudhry and heroine Naaz, other main characters of the film are played by veteran actors including Asif Raza Mir, Asma Abbas and Nayyar Ejaz and youngsters Hajra Yameen, Ghana Ali and Ayaz Samoo.

The movie mainly revolves about the changing philosophy of female lead who has no romantic inclinations before being besotted by the hero. Their ups and downs as they realise their own feelings and the reactions of their families are the centre plot. 

So here we have given you an idea to spend one of the days of eid ul fitar with your friends and family in a cinema watching Maan Jao Naa ?

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