Saba Rizwan (The girl who was insulted) replies to Sahir Lodhi

Sahir Lodhi has received quite a backlash against his behaviour in debating competition and has apologised quite a few times. I believe in accepting apologies but in this case, just couldn’t get out of my head, the state of mind of that young lady who was cut off in the middle of her debate by an anchor who was so indignant as if Quaid e Azam is his private property, and of those parents whose daughter she must have been.

In a recent video upload, that girl Saba Rizwan has replied to Sahir in no uncertain terms that his apology doesn’t diminish the effects of what he has done. She said he has asked for forgiveness over his crude behaviour but never once for insulting a female on National Television, being watched live all over the world.

She went on to say that Sahir has emphasised that his angry words were depicted out of context and nobody showed his whole statement. So what about her? Did Sahir let her complete her words. No, he picked up one word and started literally shouting at her. She wasn’t allowed to complete either and after listening to him, I wonder how she even managed to finish her debate.

Then she read the whole poetry and announced boycotting that competition. She called debating her passion and that she will not quit it, rather will find a more respectable platform to exercise her talent.

Kuddos to that girl for speaking so calmly, so eloquently and pointing out his flawed apology. In a country, where majority of females suffer low esteem due to such type of men, a warning notice was certainly not enough. Pemra should ban Sahir Lodhi on the basis of gross misconduct and abusive behaviour towards females. No man , inside the house or outside should be allowed to insult or degrade a woman and then apologise after his verbal diarrhoea has subsided. And anyone who does that, should be made an example by punishment so others would get the idea straight that mumbling an apology afterwards does not cut it. Not at all.

All the best to Saba Rizwan in all her future endeavours.

Mehwish Mansoor