Madiha Imam Talks About Pressure Of Getting Married On Women

Madiha Imam has starred in Ek Jhooti Love Story which was released on Zee5. The story is a light-hearted comedy about societal issues like the pressure of marriage on women.

In a recent interview with BBC Asian Network, Madiha Imam talks about the pressure of getting married on women in our society.

She said, “If something is happening without a reason sit down, understand, trace and change it. Understand your daughter cannot go through that because it’s traumatic for a daughter who is just not getting married.”

She talked about the realistic representation of pressure on women to get married in her web series. She said, “Extremely realistic because its not even a class issue, it’s not even people are rich, not rich, educated or uneducated. It has penetrated all the way down into our culture in the society we are living in.”

Madiha Imam further said that it’s not about uneducated people its a whole mentality and that’s why we need to sit down and think.

“First of all, it’s emotionally not cool. Secondly, why would you ask someone that? That’s so inappropriate anyway. Its a pattern which happened with our parents, grandparents and it’s just happening because people don’t talk about this issue and they just live by it. This is something abnormal,” she added.

Here is the clip, checkout!


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