Mahira has something to say about her age and health

The recent on-going controversy of Mahira and Firdous sahab has not settled yet and we have more for you…


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The veteran actor Firdous Jamal made an appearance on Faysal Qureshi’s morning show,  Salaam Zindagi.

He blurted, “You didn’t even ask me what I think. I’m sorry to say if someone likes it or not, but Mahira is not heroine stuff. She’s a mediocre sort of a model, she’s not a good actress and is not a heroine.

She’s quite aged as well and we don’t have heroines at this age, they only play the characters of mothers”, added the 65-year-old actor.

His statement took internet by fire and celebrities including; Faysal Qureshi, Osman Khalid Butt, Gohar Rasheed, Humayun Saeed and others came out in support of Mahira Khan.

They took Twitter to show their immense support for Mahira.

Mahira posted a handwritten letter-like post on Instagram, thanking people for the support. She asked people to be tolerant of other people’s opinions and not be ‘scared’ of a successful woman.

Here’s the full letter:

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We are the present. What we do and how we do it, is our future. Thank you to all those who have come out to support me- I did not ask for it and that makes it even more special. As an artist I am proud of my industry. I’m grateful to my senior artists for paving the way for people like me and so many others. I am also proud of myself. In this journey of mine, I can proudly say that I have done what I thought was right and never succumbed to what others thought was right for me. That – I will continue to do. InshAllah. In a world full of hate, let’s choose to love. Let’s be tolerant of other people’s opinions and let our fight be against the mindset -that a successful woman is a scary thought. No it isn’t. It’s a beautiful and empowering one. Let us stop picking on one another so that this industry and our country thrives like no other. I read somewhere that ‘Stardom’ in Latin means – thank you to the fans when it was lonely. Stardom it is then! Love and Gratitude, X

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But the story doesn’t end here and we have something for you. Recently, Mahira appeared in an interview and talked about her health and age.

She added “But um, sab sahi keh rahay thay na buddhi horahi hoon. Nahi nahi sach, mai aapko bata rahi hun , khair I mean wo tou ek joke hai but my health has been so bad, matlab mujhe sab ne kaha hai bus ab iske baad hum jainge aur apna har cheez check karwainge” said the popular actress Mahira.


#Mahirakhan speaks !!!!

Публикувахте от DR EJAZ WARIS в Сряда, 7 август 2019 г.

It seems like she is having some health issues and she might take a break from work. What do you think on this statement of Mahira?


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  • If mahira khan break from work then i think that pakistan industry will also broke….. she is one of the most popular actress in pakistan……
    Always love for the mahira khan …..😌😌

  • Her eyes n face dont lie.
    No one has right to become rude or balatant without any reason.Think before u speak.

  • She is the beauty……beauty…….beauty…….people want to see u in Hindi cinema…..u r awesome

  • She’s heart broken and it can be seen in her smile and laughter. Congratulations to every one who put her in this position specially her age controversy. Allah bless you Mahira, love always! 💋

  • Yes I agree with firdous jamal that mahira is not a heroine stuff but I don’t think that she is over aged . Our industry has more beautiful and talented actress than mahira. She has only one quality that is her slim figure.

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