Mahira Is In Lahore To See Her Prince; Fun Instagram Video

Mahira is the biggest superstar of all of them. She’s become a brand that can sell dramas, movies, products and everything solely on her own. That’s the kind of stardom people wish for. She is the perfect definition of she came, she saw and she conquered. All of her projects have been a success so far and she is a force to be reckoned with. Being fans, we die to catch a glimpse of her and now the queen or better say the princess has given her glimpse.

Make up artist Adnan Ansari uploaded a video to his Instagram. In the video, Mahira can be seen walking like a swan. Adnan seems to be insisting her to tell him and of course everyone what she is up to. Mahira after blushing replies that she is just touring Lahore. In being asked what she is doing at the historical site, she says that her princes are coming to see her. Now, that makes us wonder who her princes are? Well, Adnan made it easier for us and asked her who her princes are but before she could name the video ended. Our bad but never mind isn’t it just amazing to see Mahira look so beautiful in such a cute video.

Sohayl Ahmed