Mahira Khan Live Chat With Her Fans!

Mahira Khan was seen in a Live Chat Session recently organized by Lux as we reported earlier. She answered the questions of all her fans on Lux Style Award’s facebook page. The questions were short and sweet and it was more like rapid fire and Mahira managed to give some really good answers. Here are a few questions that her fans asked and her answers:

  • What is your age and height?

28 and 5’7

  • What is your Date of Birth and star sign?

21st December and I am both a Capricorn and a Sagittarius.


  • How much was your first salary and how did you spend it?

I made $595 and I bought myself a ring with it. I still wear it.

  • What is your favorite food?

Anything with Chawal!

  • What is your favorite color?


  • What do you fear the most in life?

Losing a loved one…

  • Which is your favorite restaurant?


  • What are your hobbies?

I like reading, listening to old music and just doing absolutely nothing!

  • Where is your hometown?

It’s Karachi

  • Since you like reading, who is your favorite author?

My all time favorite author is J.D Sangler. I used to read his books as a kid.

  • Who is your favorite designer?

Feeha Jamshed. Other than her I like Banto Kazmi, Umer Sayeed, Elan

  • Do you have any siblings? And if yes, then what do they do?

Yes, I have a younger brother. He is just a year younger than me. He is a journalist by profession

  • Who is your current favorite actress in Pakistan?

Samina Peerzada and Bushra Ansari

  • Who is your current favorite actor in Pakistan?

Nouman Ijaz

  • Who is your favorite Hollywood actor?

Johnny Depp and Daniel Day Lewis

  • Who is your favorite male co-star?

All have been decent to work with

  • Fawad Khan or Mekaal Zulfiqar?

Both are great. They’re both extremely chilled out.

  • Would you like to work with Faysal Qureshi? A few words for him?

Yes why not! He is just great. A very versatile actor

  • Do you have any upcoming project with Faysal Qureshi?

Not yet. But maybe in the future…

  • An actor you always wanted to work with but never got a chance?

Bushra Ansari

  • Any official FB page or twitter account?

No, not yet. All my current Facebook and twitter pages are fake.

  • When are you planning to come on Twitter or Facebook?


  • Which is your favorite Pakistani Drama?

Aangan Terha

  • If you are offered a Bollywood movie, will you do it?

It depends on A LOT of things!

  • What are your upcoming dramas? Are you doing any drama with Fawad Khan

My upcoming drama is Bin Roye Aanso. Yes, I might be working with him but nothing is confirmed yet

  • There are rumors that you are doing a project starring Fawad, Humayun Saeed and Sanam Baloch. Is it true?

If it all comes together then yes.

  • What was your experience working with Fawad Khan and would you like to work with him again?

He is a thorough professional and yes, of course I do.

  • What role are you playing in Manto?

It’s just a small role in a short story in the show. Nothing big!

  • Favorite Indian Movie?

Pyaasa by Guru Dutt

  • Which is your favorite Hollywood movie?

There are so many! But a recent one I watched is Silver Lining Playbook

  • Which is your all time favorite song?

Waqt Ne Kiya Kiya Haseen Sitam

  • Who is your favorite singer?

Geeta Dutt

  • Any best friends?

I have 5 best friends!

  • Which is your favorite Tarang Telefilm till now?

I haven’t seen any yet…

  • Who is better; Sanam Saeed or Sanam Jung?

I like both of them. But I have known Sanam for so long, so for me it’s Sanam Saeed

  • What do you prefer; Mahira as a VJ or Mahira as an Actress?

I prefer the actress but people might prefer the VJ. I just love acting!

  • What would you have been if not an actor?

A psychologist

  • What was your favorite subject in school?


  • Would you like to do a movie after Bol? Have you been offered any movie?

Yes, I will do a movie if something good comes up. Yes, I have been offered.

  • Which serial did you enjoy shooting the most?

Humsafar was the most fun to shoot

  • What is your favorite memory from the sets of Humsafar?

Humsafar has so many good memories. The memory that stands out the most is when I fell on the sets and we turned it into an actual scene in the drama!

  • Which is your favorite scene from Humsafar?

My favorite scene was the one in which Ashar is angry and Khirad stops him and says “Ap Kal Naraz Hoker Soye The, Naraz Hoker Office Mat Jaye”

  • Did you always have high expectations from Humsafar?

I was always very positive about Humsafar. I always knew people will enjoy it but I did not think it will become this big.

  • How long did it take to shoot a romantic scene in Humsafar?

We shot them very quickly. We did not want to take to many retakes.

  • Which one was your favorite; Humsafar or Shehr e Zaat?

Both for different reasons… One gave me love from all of you and the other was very satisfying for me to perform as an actor.

  • Which role was more challenging; Khirad or Falak?

Falak was very challenging! But Khirad was my favorite character

  • Rate your acting skills out of 10? Also tell us about your weak areas in acting?

I have acted in only 3 serials so far and I feel my weakness is that I need to work more so that I can perfect my craft. Also it is very difficult for me to remember my lines when they consist of long paragraphs. I would give myself 5/10

  • The best moment of your life?

When my son Azlaan was born

  • Do you get irritated easily? Is there something that you find really annoying?

I don’t get annoyed too easily but I get annoyed when people lie.

  • What attire do you prefer to wear?

White Shalwar Kameez and my Kolapuri chappals

  • What is the one best thing and worst thing about being a celebrity?

The good thing is that you have a platform. I am living my dream right now… But the bad thing is that you have no privacy left.

  • Who inspired you to act?

All my senior and my peers

  • Any childhood memory that you still remember?

Yes, I loved my holidays abroad to Holland. I used to go there in the summers.

  • Sarmat has said that he wants to make a movie and take you and Fawad as leads. Do you think that this can actually turn into a possibility?

Sarmat is very close to my heart and yes, he wants me to be part of something that he makes so yes, I will look forward to that. But as of now, there is nothing in the pipeline


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      • Umi Ariyan, u are absolutely right, though I hadn’t met her ever, but judging from interviews and appearance in different shows, there is no doubt she is a humble, down to earth person, and she is also very open to answer about her personal life or any other question. She has never been rude and always very composed and polite, I watched her in dawn news show “No Reservations” and she answered many difficult question of that host with decency and patience.

  • She rated her own acting skills as 5/10. This level of humility is…unusual to say the least (for famous performers).

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  • A big thanks to all of my fans! Much appreciated. I would like to make one clarification, my dear friends Fawad and Sanam will not be joining Hamayun, Armeena, and I in Bin Roye Ansoo.

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