Mahira Khan Shares Piece Of Wisdom By Manto

As much as celebrities receive love, in the same manner, they are hated by their followers. It’s not easy being a celebrity especially being a female celeb in this patriarchal society.

Today marks the 65th death anniversary of Saadat Hassan Manto and to remember him Mahira Khan shared Saadat Hassan Manto’s piece of writing which is about gender equality.

Mahira Khan Shares Piece Of Wisdom By MantoAccording to Manto, a man is not criticized no matter how poor his character is but if a woman does something different from the roles assigned by a man she is considered a ‘whore’. He questions society if a man and a woman are equal then why only a woman is criticized?

Saadat Hassan Manto was a revolutionary writer and most of his works were considered taboo. He was banned many times. He chose the subjects which were forbidden to discuss at that time. Most of his characters were prostitutes. Manto has portrayed women as heroes of the nation.

Mahira Khan Shares Piece Of Wisdom By Manto

Well, we can’t agree more with Manto’s piece of writing. Our society is one sick society where women are judged for their doings. Its high time women must be treated equally in every sphere of life.


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  • Totally agree ,with the writer poet and Mahira high lighting this issue ! The drama mpth,human saeed and ayeza khan are not helpful,with the male writer had made the woman evil for following her desires and male characters who pursued her, no one ‘s judges! Educated ,women writers are needed in Pakistani show bizz ,to create women as human being, who are not perfect ,just like men are not perfect ,because humans lives in gray areas !

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