Mahira Khan In A Throwback Mood

Mahira Khan In A Throwback Mood

This unconventionally beautiful woman who has the whole Pakistan and a lot of people around the world crazy for her looks, her acting and her talent is still surprisingly quite humble about herself. Her instagram is full of feeds that actually have something to say other than a pompous self portrait that a lot of celebrities’ social media is these days.

From ironic sayings and quotes to philosophical excerpts from novels, Mahira Khan is a very interesting one to follow. What captured our attention this time however, was a throwback mood of the actress. She is sharing pictures of herself from yesteryears, before the filters and selfies and some even before Humsafar and Bollywood had happened to her. From the days of being an aspiring VJ to getting a breakthrough from Bol, Mahira is in a mood for past few weeks to reminscate the moments that combined together through some divine plan to bring forth the Mahira Khan of Pakistani showbiz as we know today.

Here are some of the starlet’s memories that she shared on her instagram with the hashtag throwback;


Beofre the filters creeped into cameras and pouts won over smiles.


First time on big screen, when Mahira stunned people with Bol;


When Sadqay Tumharay was a weekly favourite for her fans ;


On the sets of Raees, probably the biggest thing of her career as yet;


On a holiday, sans makeup;


When she was interviewed after her movie debut for the first time;


A very real one of Mahira Khan, who surprisingly still looks the very same;