Mahira Khan to be roped in for Raees promotions?

The trailer of Raees had finally released and we sure saw Mahira Khan in it. She had an appearance of about 20+ seconds in the trailer and looked extremely stunning . The makers of Raees stood their ground and did not cut Mahira Khan’s role fully in the movie as the actors should not suffer for no fault of theirs. They have kept their promise as Mahira is very much there and we are loving her part in the trailer. But the question which rose now is will she be a part of raees promotions? Earlier there were reports that Mahira will not be attending Raees promotion but the recent trailer launch event of Raees showed us a a different story.

In an interaction with media the director of the movie was asked if he would call Mahira for promotions of the movie, to which he said “If we find it necessary to bring her here and involve her in the promotions, of course, she will come. I don’t think there is any restriction for her from the government as such. Aisa nahi hai ki they have stopped issuing visas to anybody to come from there. So I think as and when we will decide to involve her, we’ll get her to come.”

Speculations are like never ending!
Rimsha Butt

Rimsha Butt