Dumpukht- Atish -e-Ishq Episode 21- No way out?

Mein nahin chahti ke aap dono ke darmiyaan jhagrey Aur bhi barhjayein… Kulsoom is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Bibi is showering her with sisterly love completely oblivious of her husband’s evil intentions. Kulsoom has repeatedly tried to leave but every time, she gets overpowered. Bibi is losing control over decisions and has accepted defeat at the hands of Habib- Zindagi mein pehli Martaba Habib be mujhe kisi kaam se roka hai.

Tahira takes the crown at being the worst mother to have appeared on our tv screens- this woman lacks the very essence of motherhood and has the nerve to say- Maa Aur beti mein Kaisa faasla? Kulsoom has tried to explain her situation first indirectly –Iss tarhan Ki maslihatein roz hoti hain mere saath… and then directly –
Barbaad toh mein horahi houn, aap logon ko nazar kyun nahin ATA hai… yeh admi jo mera sar nanga nahin dekh sakta kaise bardaasht karleta hai ke mere karey mein koi ghair admi aye ya Phir mein kisi ke kamrey mein jaoun…Woh wazifay nahin hotay…

This episode was highly disturbing when Kulsoom was pleading for her mother’s compassion and she was being forced into silence because for her family, Murshid Saeein can do no wrong and is above questioning. Tahira’s focus remains on her self and her status- Apni izzat bachanay Ki khaatir mein Kuch bhi karsakti houn… Tujhe toh Tera maqaam milgaya, usko bhi toh kahin pohchaana hai.

Kulsoom’s conversation with Bilal was heart wrenching- she knows there’s no way out and she doesn’t want to risk Bilal’s life and future by having his entangled in her mess any further- Mujhe ruswa mat karo… Bilal is getting the runaround for far too long and knows he needs to free Kulsoom but he is still clueless about Murshid Saeein’s involvement and fixation. I can think of a million ways for Murshid Saeein to meet his end but none would be so gratifying as watching him suffer a slow and painful death. I wonder who will eventually destroy this man who exploits people in the name of religion and what would happen to the lives of those he’s destroyed over the years?

One of the best scenes of this episode was Kulsoom’s conversation with Haroon when she tries to make him see the logic behind her private sittings- Murshid Saeein bhi toh ek mard hain na jo iss kamrey mein atey hein… Murshid Saeein mere liye na mehram kyun nahin hain… shaitaan toh har kisi ke saath mojood hota hai… I felt a shiver run down my spine as Kulsoom described the demonic presence and once again Sonia Mishaal nailed her performance. Habibullah’s entry was chilling as always and his suggestion of having another nikah was bold even by his standards. I can expect Habibullah to violate Kulsoom but I don’t see how he’ll manage to marry her? Or is this just a cover up to justify his illicit relationship?

Looks like Kulsoom will start playing games of her own by manipulating both Bibi and Habibullah simultaneously. I think it’s high time the circumstances change. What do you think?

Kanwal Murtaza


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