Mahira Khan Trolls A Troll

Mahira Khan is a star in every regard. She has established a place for herself where she gets an immense amount of love as well as a great amount of criticism. Mahira Khan has been a part of a few stories but the one that actually shook the world was the news of her friendship with Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor. Some pictures of Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khan were leaked online where she was sitting casually with him and was having a smoke.

Mahira came under a lot of fire for it and her fans were severely unhappy and disappointed. Though the news is old, some people still use it to troll her as unfortunately that is how the Internet is. So, Mahira Khan congratulated cricketer Muhammad Hafeez on his innings and a troll came out and started using the same old Ranbir-Mahira story to target her but Mahira knows how to clap back and showed it with full power when the said person called Ranbir, Ranveer:

Mahira Khan Trolls A Troll

Well, this certainly shows that Mahira Khan knows how to tackle these trolls and how to have the last laugh!

Pakeeza Dar