Mahira Khan vs. Saba Qamar

Mahira Khan and Saba Qamar both are award-winning actresses who have their own standing in the industry yet they are constantly compared for some reason or the other. There were also times when Mahira Khan directly acknowledged the fact that she was very often compared to Saba Qamar and how she felt about it. Saba Qamar has never really talked about it but it is quite clear from some of the occurrences in the recent past that these two actresses definitely see each other as competition. Although, Mahira Khan always wishes Saba Qamar the best but at the same time she acknowledges that all is not well between them in her own subtle way. Saba Qamar has never shunned people who tell her that she is a far better actress than Mahira Khan. She actually likes these compliments, appreciates them and that is one of the reasons why this competition never stops. While giving an interview to Instep back in 2017 Mahira Khan said,

“I think I’m the only actor who gets compared to everybody and I fail to understand why. That said, I’m a huge supporter of Saba Qamar. I’m a fan and I want her to do well, I am rooting for her. If people find it cool to bring me down, go ahead if it rocks your boat. Sometimes it does get a little hurtful and at times I just wish to be left alone, but as far as I’m concerned, I wish everybody well from the bottom of my heart and I think Saba, of all the people knows this better than anyone.”

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When the comments by Firdous Jamal about Mahira Khan’s acting skills and age were the talk of the town Saba Qamar was trending on twitter because people were constantly supporting Firdous Jamal and at the same time Saba Qamar thanked a fan who called her the “queen” and the “actual superstar”.


These comments were made only last week when Mahira Khan’s acting skills were already being criticized severely.

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Mahira Khan and Saba Qamar’s Bollywood Debuts

Saba Qamar and Mahira Khan used to get along fine until both of them got offers from Bollywood, that is when the real competition started. When Raees and Hindi Medium were reviewed by top critics across the border, they praised Mahira’s beauty and confidence but some of the leading critics felt that Saba Qamar’s role in the film was more meaty and her performance was really impressive. Apart from that, Mahira Khan’s debut was considered a bigger achievement before the movie actually aired because she was starring opposite Shah Rukh Khan.

However, after watching the two films, the viewers and the critics both praised Saba Qamar’s performance and the role she played more than that of Mahira. The real controversy started when at the HUM awards in 2018, Mahira Khan did a rap number alongside Osman Khalid Butt. Saba Qamar was pretty sure that Mahira Khan was hinting towards her when she talked about how her films sell better than others.


Osman Khalid Butt’s explanation also clearly showed that Saba Qamar had taken these particular lines personally and she felt insulted.

Osman Khalid Butt

When Hindi Medium did better business than Raees, Saba Qamar posted on her Instagram a comment which was directed towards Mahira Khan, telling her that she actually was capable of doing much better than Mahira.

Mahira Saba 1

Later on, this Instagram post was deleted by Saba Qamar but Osman Khalid Butt’s apology and him mentioning how many times he had tried to explain to Saba Qamar that she misinterpreted it proved how seriously she took this. Mahira Khan’s response towards every such controversy is diplomatic and delayed, it was the same this time around too.

The Social Media Wars

Yes, there have been cold wars between Saba Qamar and Mahira Khan on social media. Few months back when a fan pointed out that Saba Qamar actually deserved all those awards which Mahira Khan had been getting, Saba Qamar acknowledged the comment with a thank you sign.

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Since this fan had tagged Mahira Khan too so she decided to respond in an indirect way. She posted something on her social media pages, the timing of which clearly suggested that she was in other words saying that Saba Qamar and her followers were in love with this reply.

Mahira Khan 2

Mahira Khan’s fans said that Saba Qamar was insecure which is why she was the one who was constantly comparing herself with Mahira.

Mahira Khan

The fans and followers on social media are constantly comparing the two actresses and there are so many of them who feel that Saba Qamar is a much better actress than Mahira Khan. Mahira Khan’s fans obviously don’t agree with that.

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Who Bags Bigger Projects?

Well, clearly Mahira Khan is the one who has been part of every other big film in Pakistan while Saba Qamar has not yet played a leading role in a single quality commercial Pakistani film. Saba Qamar is the undisputed queen of Pakistani dramas but why is she not contributing to the cinema? Mahira Khan has also represented Pakistan globally but many people are of the opinion that Saba Qamar is more talented but she is underrated and does not get as many great opportunities as Mahira Khan does.

Mahira Khan Saba

Lately, Saba Qamar decided to take her twitter account more seriously and the timing suggests that she wants to stay in touch with fans who supported her so much on twitter when Mahira was being criticized severely.

saba twitter

Mehwish Hayat and Saba Qamar on the other hand get along well but you hardly ever see Mehwish and Saba treating Mahira Khan like a fellow star or friend.

mehwish hayat


Whose side are you on? Saba Qamar or Mahira Khan? Who in your opinion is more talented and the superstar? Share your views in the comments section.



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  • Why does no one talk about Sanam Saeed ? I think if there’s one actress you should be comparing Saba Qamar with, that’s her because both of them are fantastic actresses who have proved their versatility in the dramas by playing diverse characters.

  • Mahira has the grace, talent and beauty to be the real Superstar of Pakistani entertainment industry. Its really sad that Saba and Mehwish are so jealous of her. They could have all been one big Women Squad. sigh.

  • I am not a fan of either actress, they both are mediocre, yes they are very pretty but that’s about it. People who disagree please watch cheekh. Mahira is humble n graceful whereas Saba n Mehwish Hayat are cheap. Ayeza Khan, Zara Noor, Sara Khan Kinza Hashmi are examples of beauty with grace n decency. As far as “acting ” is concerned Yumna Zaidi is the only one to beat.

  • Saba qamar,Sanam Baluch and Yumna zaidi are great actresses of recent times.Baqi sab mediocre aur Mahira tou below average

  • Mahira is much younger than Saba n mehwish but look at her journey that skilled, hard working lady has come a long way, she has to achieve much more than this …… Saba has been working for 2 dacades now but look at her insecurities… Jealous ppl can’t take anyone’s success away.

  • Mahira is very classy, elegant and beautiful. Saba’s Beauty is different. I like both of them. My favorite is Mewish Hayat. Beautiful and a good actress too.

  • Saba is actually an actress and
    well respected artist who should be winning national awards, where as, Mahira Khan is more of a model, glamour girl (should say a woman, nothing ungraceful about it) become actress and certain media houses or media mafias support her to become a star.
    Don’t take me wrong I like both, but you cannot compare the two.

  • Obviously Saba qamar, no one can match her acting skills.. before supporting somebody else go nd watch “Cheekh”.. kuch or daikny k zarort he nahi bs yahi aik drama kafi hoga. She is so natural in her acting ♥️

  • Mahira performance is so natural, without considering that she is acting or there are people watching her I felt that so many times while watching her projects whereas saba mumbles every single dialogue which can easily be seen in projects especially in second half of cheek honestly speaking One does have to attach their ears 👂 to speakers to understand the dialogue completely which becomes cringe worthy for people to watch. What I believe and what actually is important these days is that Actors should not focus on their career but should set a example a statement for youth and generations to come which Mahira has done gracefully either on social issues or criticism Mahira is always been polite and graceful without degrading anyone her rather being jealous she always admire saba’s work (although saba is completely envious of her Fame)and that makes her a Superstar a SuperNoVa and different from others so rather being a jealous do appreciate people like Mahira does


  • They both are very good actresses no doubt about that. But Mahira is more focused on films and all of her films did well at the box office. Saba on the other hand did lots of TV dramas where she got variety of parts to play. She did few films out of which only her Indian film was a big hit.

  • Saba qamar ki acting to hai he zbrdast ..
    But mai ne jab bhi iskai interviews dhaikai hain ..kaafi inferiority complexes paayai hain. Wo mahira ki tarah ek maldaar gharaanai se talluq nahi rakhti ..saba qamar ne apnai bal botai pai ghar bhi liya apnai maa aur behen ko bhi sambhaala jis k leyai us ne non stop dramo mai kaam kiya .isi doran kisi ne usai mohabbat mai dhoka bhi deya ..wo middle class family se talluq rakhti thi leyai in sab cheezo ki bina par uski personality adhoori reh gaye ..dusri taraf hum awards jo sirf mahira ko awards pai awards detai rahai aur saba and yumna ,sajal jaisi adakaaro ko munh tak nahi lagaaya to insaan aisi na insaafi pai reaction kar he leta hai ..

    2) mahira khan dusri taraf kaafi natural actress hai ..uska kaam hamesha se mujhai kaafi pasand hai ..she z more matured than saba ..she has that class and persona ..her polite and diplomate nature able her to grab more success ..ranbir kai sath aadhai adhoorai kapro mai pics , cigarettes , aur meesha shafi wali case mai direct ali zafar par tanqeed karna in cheezo ne mujhai usai thora sa door kardeya ..

  • Saba Qamar is one of the best actresses which is evident.She always perform so well specially in dramas. She is beautiful and talented undoubtedly.I want to say about Mahira that she is only a model although she is beautiful model but not an actress I am sorry to say so there is no comparison with Saba Qamar.

  • Saba qamar is the most finest actress of our industry….Mahira khan s acting is nothing in front of SQ….SQ is the mother of acting…. super star saba qamar multi talented lady…Best wishes for u…
    Aur han mahira khan ko dkh k lgta uski koi collaboration ha hum awards k sath…Bae mahira to commercial krny per b award lty ha…so called hum awards… Always prefer mahira khan

  • I think Saba Qamar is a Superstar and a Versatile Actress. Mahira acknowledges it all time because she knows it. SABA QAMAR will eventually get projects she deserves. I think Saba Qamar is envious to no one. She only says what’s true. Mahira is a Superstar!

  • If I were Saba Qamar, I would actually feel insulted to be compared to Mahira khan. Don’t get me wrong, I love Humsafar just as much as the next person, but ever since then I have neither been a fan of Mahira’s acting talent or her as a person in general. Whereas Saba Qamar has a body of excellent work showcasing her hard work and unmatchable acting range, Mahira Khan has given limited work which can be called mediocre at best. At the end of the day , Mahira Khan is a mediocre actress at BEST, and that is me being very lenient as a viewer, she simply does not know how to emote the facial expressions of her characters. In addition, she always chooses roles which present her as glamorous. I also just don’t like her as a person. Mahira Khan’s fame stemmed from the fact that she played the innocent, “shareef” khirad on humsafar, and she actively played into that image and used it to her advantage to keep her audience happy. She pretends to be a ” shareef” girl, but she never was. Im not saying there is anything wrong with that, but at the end of the day its her presenting a false image of herself. Saba Qamar has never hidden who she is, whether its the clothes she wears or her smoking. I may not like these things but at the end of the day, she isn’t a fake person. Mahira Khan on the other hand has used that good girl image to her advantage, and then when she was busted for that when her pics with ranbir were leaked, she said people can’t judge her. Like lol ok then, people can’t judge you, you are right. But you are also a hypocrite for making yourself out to be someone you are not.

    • That’s her personal life in which everyone is allowed to make their own choices the only relation we have with them is on professional basis so please just stick to that and nobody’s is allowed to comment on someone’ Personal life so take a chill pill lady!
      P.s saba was also involved with Hamza abbasi and the pictures of their lip lock were revealed

      • The problem isnt with her personal choices, I clearly stated that she can do what she wants. But it’s hypocritical of her to portray a fake image, and then get mad when she gets called out for her fakeness. Mahira khan has stated in the past that she refuses to do item numbers, but now she did noori, which was an item number. She replies to her fans on twitter that she does not smoke, but she does? So yes , we as the audience can comment on her personal life when it comes down to highlighting her hypocrisy. In terms of Saba being involved with hamza etc, like you said, its her personal life and she can do whatever the hell she wants. But unlike mahira she doesn’t pretend to be a goody two shoes.

  • Obviously @sabaqamarzaman i like her sooo much she is stunning sctress and whatever mahira’s fans think of her she is not insecure at any cost.. saba we love you today and always. Stay blessed and keep your struggle going on in the same way ❤

  • mojuda doar me Saba Qamar se behter actress koi nhi hy, sb se zyada telented,sb se behter,she is a real SUPER STAR and a real BEAUTY QUEEN. NO DOUBT.

  • Seriously? There’s no comparison
    Between Saba and Mahira. Saba can act and looks beautiful, Mahira on the other hand can’t act to save her life, I’m not even sure why she’s famous? I’ve seen most of her dramas (thanks to MIL) but I didn’t see her improve after humsafar. That was the only drama that she was ok in probably because most of it was not focused on her so much, fawad and Naveen were amazing. She’s def. extremely over rated, she’s below average in looks and acting. We have a ton of girls who are far far better than her, Sanam saeed, Mehwish Hayat, Amina sheikh, yumna, sajal, Iqra

  • Mahira Khan is a good actress with model type looks. She can maintain her stardom long because of being decent and eye-catching stylish looks. But, from where the powerful acting skills she will bring, which could make her to the roles, Saba Qamar. Performed in Maat, Main Chaand si, Digest Writer, drama on Qandeel Baloch and running drama serial with core acting,” Cheekh. Any of these dramas even if once you think, can these roles be done Mahira Khan?, Your heart and mind would say, on one other than SQ could do it.
    Saba Qamar is not a copy paste face with one angle beauty. She is a born artist with 360 degree facial expressions and beauty. She knows where to pose what.
    When it comes to beauty, both are tremendously beautiful. Multi talented, then only SQ can win. Great actress, than only SQ can win too.

  • Saba is more skilled and talented but Mahira has more grace which is why she is so loved. I’ve always felt that Saba is somewhat insecure and jealous of Mahira.

  • Saba Qamar chalak aur tez tarar type aurat ky roles zada achi kartin hai jin mai cheekana hota mgr shugal mayley waley role jaisy ky lahore sy agaye mai tha un mai eoh achi khasi overacting krti hein jab ky Mahira serious polite aur decent roles zada achy krti 7 din muhabbat wala role Mahira ny bht acha kiya tha. Dono ko koi replace nahi kr skta Mahira aur saba dono mukhtalif hein tou expression bhi mukhtalif hun ge shakaiyaat mai bhi aik dosry sy bikul alg hein apny lehaz sy dono Superstar love them both ❤️💫⚡️⭐️

  • Saba is actual superstar of Pakistan She is more beautiful and talented than Mahira. My vote is for Saba.