Mahira Talks To BBC On Verna, Sexual Harrasment And Ranbir controversy

Mahira Khan is frequently seen on screen lately for promotions. Yesterday the influential thirty four old single mother and the female lead of Shoaib Mansoor’s Verna spoke to BBC World News about her movie, herself being the topic of debate and the very touchy subject of sexual harassment of young aspiring girls.

Firstly, Mahira told that her movie is about rape and how power dynamics play a role in these situations. Then she was asked a very direct question about being a topic of controversy for weeks on end when her photos were leaked while she smoked away with Ranbir Kapoor, and you must hand it over to Mahira for the way she responded. She was totally nonplussed and calm. Now whether that was a rehearsed response or not, but it was a very impressive one. She said that it does hurt to be criticised especially when you are used to being loved only but these things go hand in hand and that the leakage of her private photos was not a correct thing. Having said that, she was completely accepting of the fact that she is a public figure so such things are bound to happen.

On the subject of sexual harassment cases in Hollywood, Mahira said that she herself has never experienced any such attitude towards herself. Part of the reason could be that she has only worked with a handful of people and part because she was not inexperienced. The dive further elaborated that she was a mother when she came into this field so she was not naive like a lot of other teenagers and young girls. Mahira Khan also implied that no matter how a girl conducts herself and how she speaks or sits or walks, it does not give be anyone any right to abuse her. Sexual harassment has nothing to do with the conduct of the harassed woman. That was a very sound statement from the beautiful actress.

You can listen to the whole interview here;

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