Shayyad Episode 2 Review – Good One!

Shayyad Episode 2 Review – Good One!

This second episode of Shayyad definitely had more highs than lows. Once again Saad in particular won me over completely; his love is pure and honest and Uzair Jaswal has translated this character impeccably on screen so far. The relationship between Hani and Saad has also been explained and shown in such a way that you can’t help but feel an instant connection with them. I simply loved the way the opening scenes of this episode showed that Junaid was “trespassing”. Most of Hani’s conversation with Junaid revolved around the bond she shared with Saad. When Junaid wrote his and Hani’s name on the wall, Hani’s reacted as if he had just entered into Hani and Saad’s world without realizing what he was doing. Later on, when Saad saw those names on the wall he was heartbroken. I must say that while Saad’s feelings for Hani are crystal clear and his scenes extremely poignant, Hani’s character keeps you guessing especially because there are times when Sadia Khan’s expressions are confusing.

It was good to see Junaid’s track wrapping up in this episode without any dramatic twists which most of us were expecting. Junaid gracefully took a step back after he found out that there was no place for him in Hani’s life. This development was refreshing and logical as well. The way Saad took the first bus back home when he found out that Hani was with someone else showed how possessive he was about Hani. The poetry in the previous episode summed up Saad’s feelings for Hani beautifully; he has never loved anyone else therefore he cannot imagine sharing Hani with someone else.

The wall has been used creatively in more ways than one by the writer; it is a sign of all the ups and downs in Hani and Saad’s relationship and tonight it was used to tell Junaid that Hani didn’t see a soulmate in him. This had to be one of the most novel rejections we have seen in dramas in recent times! The last scene of the episode was directed exceptionally well because this scene could have been too cheesy if it wasn’t directed in a rather subtle manner. Phupo gate crashing and Hani’s reaction went to show that there was nothing romantic about the situation as far as Hani was concerned. I hate Mahpara’s character already; she is the only clichéd character in the drama so far and I feel she is getting a lot more screen time than she should. Her bitterness makes sense but her scenes can easily be forwarded if someone is going to watch this drama online since these scenes are rather repetitive.

Overall, this episode belonged to Saad and Uzair Jaswal yet again. All those people who think that he isn’t “hero material” should definitely give him a chance. He is the only one who has my undivided attention and the only character I truly feel for after watching these two episodes. Sadia Khan on the other hand seemed to be struggling in some of the scenes in tonight’s episode. She looks absolutely flawless in this drama, the make-up artist deserves tons of credit for giving her the perfect makeover but her expressions can sometimes be extremely confusing. Uzair Jaswal and Sadia Khan also share an amazing on-screen chemistry which makes their scenes together work even when Sadia Khan’s performance isn’t always up to the mark. I am looking forward to Nauman Ijaz’s entry in the next episode.

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