Mahnoor Baloch Giving Out The Wrong Message About Weight Loss

Mahnoor Baloch is known more because of her ageless beauty than anything else. She has been associated with the showbiz industry for decades but her beauty has not faded away. She simply does not age and we see memes on social media all the time praising her youthful looks.

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Mahnoor Baloch has signed up a new drama and one of her Instagram videos from the sets of this drama has gone viral. In this video Mahnoor Baloch is seen holding half a cake and enjoying eating it. The video was posted by Sadaf Kanwal and it gives the impression that Mahnoor Baloch loves eating big portions of sugary treats. This video obviously is really short therefore people are wondering if Mahnoor really did eat all of that cake!!

Other than that a lot of people are questioning what Mahnoor Baloch is trying to prove when it is common knowledge that you cannot lose weight and look young if you have a daily in take of excess sugar.

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Even the most slimmest and diet conscious people sometimes like having sugary treats but Mahnoor Baloch makes it a point to prove as if having junk is a daily part of her routine. She is clearly promoting sugary desserts which are high in calories and social media pages are posting these pictures with captions like “the secret to Mahnoor Baloch’s beauty.”

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While there are other actresses like Ayesha Omer, Hareem Farooque, Hania Aamir, Maya Ali and so many more who are really honest about how hard it is for them to limit their calorie count and the regular visits to the gym for some are a must, Mahnoor Baloch’s attempt to promote a lifestyle which she most certainly must not follow regularly is highly disappointing.

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In these pictures the junk food and sugary treats literally look like accessories/props which are there to say ”look I eat all this junk yet I am so young and pretty!” Mahnoor Baloch is free to eat whatever she wants but people have started calling her out for faking a lifestyle which is surely not one which she follows on daily basis.

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The social media pages too are promoting these pictures like they actually believe that high calorie foods can make one look younger and prettier. Mahnoor Baloch is beautiful without any doubt but since she is also a regular human being, we are pretty sure she works hard to stay fit!

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