Inkaar Episode 21 Story Review – Thrilling and Meaningful

This was another thrilling episode of Inkaar with many hard hitting scenarios. Inkaar’s script is brilliantly penned out and the attention to detail makes it even more impressive. Tonight’s episode belonged to the father, who refused to give in to the pressure, the criminal who wanted his way at any cost and the friend/companion who vowed to stand by Hajra’s side. Shayan’s father’s role tonight showed the paradox he was in. Tonight’s episode belonged to Imran Ashraf, Rehan Sheikh and Sami Khan in particular. Their performances and the way their characters shaped up the story in this episode was outstanding. Shayan’s character growth has been shown in such an amazing manner.

The Twisted Story and The Response

Rehan Chaudhry’s statements tonight sounded a little too familiar – reminded me of Mohsin Abbas Haider’s press conference! Every time a woman stands up for herself, character assassination is the first weapon which is used against her. Rehan Chaudhry told ‘his side of the story’ which sounded so genuine and believable yet it was all a lie! He tried his best to tarnish Hajra’s reputation and made it look like he was the victim. The dialogues covering how he respected women were meant to change people’s opinion about him – another familiar scenario. Shayan’s response was on point and made perfect sense. We have seen this happening on media a little too often therefore I commend the writer for covering all these aspects so realistically and convincingly. Imran Ashraf’s performance while he was giving that interview was truly impressive. The way he changed his persona and stance as the camera turned off showed how easy it was to fool people and what a brilliant actor Imran Ashraf is!


Shayan and Hajra

Shayan has gradually managed to convince Hajra that he is going to be by her side no matter what. Not very long ago Hajra used to partially blame him as well but now she derives strength from him. Not only has Shayan and Hajra’s relationship developed in a good way in the past few weeks but Shayan has grown into a more responsible and confident person who has a purpose in life. Shayan was introduced as an overprotected child who never had the confidence to tell Hajra that he liked her. Now, he is willing to lay down his life for Hajra, for a purpose and he is not scared at all. Shayan’s letter was very meaningful because it showed that he was finally ready to fly on his own and Sami Khan’s expressions tonight translated that aspect of Shayan’s personality so well on screen.


The Conflicting Situations

Hajra’s mother had started to show love and support towards her but all that changed when Rehan Chaudhry kidnapped Jawad. She was willing to ‘trade’ Hajra for Jawad. This extremely conflicting and difficult situation showed once again what a strong person Hafiz sahib was. While Hajra’s mother’s breakdown made perfect sense, Hafiz Illyas’ decision was admirable. Apart from supporting his daughter, he also did not want to bow down to the Chaudhry’s demands. Rehan Sheikh is my all time favorite actor, he is extremely dedicated and his portrayals are always faultless. Shayan’s father too was shown facing an equally difficult situation – he wanted to save his son but his son was not interested in being saved. For the first time we saw a completely different side of Shayan’s father. He always had his own ways of making Shayan do things and made decisions which he thought were right but he always loved Shayan and will ultimately do whatever it takes to protect him. His involvement in this case and the ‘deal’ which they were shown talking about in the next episode will surely result in the shift of power. Noor-ul-Hassan owns his character and I absolutely love the versatility in his performances. Hajra too had to make many difficult decisions tonight, the most complex situation came at the end of this episode and we have yet to find out what Hajra does next.

inkar 3

Final Remarks

Inkaar is a complete package, it is written so well, directed impressively and the performances just get better with every passing episode. This drama keeps you hooked, inspired and in awe. Looking forward to the next episode.

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Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Thanks for yet another brilliant review. After watching resurrection ertugrul, I just couldn’t watch Pakistani dramas because they looked shallow to me BUT finally I have inkaar which has substance and reality and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I really hope that it ends the same brilliant way as well. Absolutely love hafiz sahib. I wish all fathers are as strong and supporting like him. The acting of everyone is on point. There is nothing over the top or unrealistic so far. More power to team inkaar.

  • Salaam Fatima! What a wonderful review and a powerful episode!

    I totally agree with you when you said that Rehan’s interview reminded you of something that’s currently happening. We can see when the lies are being told.

    Next episode will be another interesting one! I don’t get why Billu Badmash’s man didn’t give CCTV footage to Hafiz sahab when he handed him the gun in last week’s episode.

  • This drama is so good but unfortunately that stupid crap Cheekh is more popular than this logical and realistic play. Yes I absolutely love Hafiz sahab. For a change a parent didn’t put his son on top of her daughter. Some may feel he doesn’t love him that much compared to Hajra but it’s not true. He maybe loves Hajra more but you shouldn’t trade in your children based on gender. Hajra’s mother was mote than willing to ask hajra to sacrifice in order to save her brother and unfortunately many women do sacrifice their lives Even for the wrong deeds of their brothers and fathers. Finally Shayan pushed his father away and i think he will make a deal with him in order to save Jawad. Wonderful review and a brilliant drama

  • Very nice review Fatima. I love all the acting in this drama but Rehan Sheikh definitely takes the cake. He is fawltless as Hajra’s father. May all fathers be like this. What a role model this caracter is. Beautiful script. Can’t wait to see where the story goes next.

  • I didn’t know weather to feel sorry for Hajra’s brother, 1 sec I felt bad for him the very next sec I remembered the way he treated Hajra didn’t feel sorry at all, another wonderful episode to watch & also a very nice review

  • Thank you for the review Fatima. Inkaar is one of those plays that never let’s u down! Can’t find fault with any aspect of it! Writing, direction, acting, execution.. Brilliant all around! Imran Ashraf, Sami Khan, Yumna Zaidi, Noor Ul Hassan and Rehan Shaikh completely own their characters. I must say when Rehan Shaikh started acting, I was a little girl and I absolutely loved him. Looks like nothing has changed except for the fact that we have both grown older 🀣
    I wish more dramas showed such father-daughter relationships or such males in general who will stand by their women no matter what! It’s sad however that Inkaar will never get the commercial success it deserves. People still prefer the Balaas and the Cheekhs.

  • What a masterpiece this drama is!! I will be watching this again from start once it’s done, exclusively for daughter-father relationship. Not many stories and powerful performances evoke same visceral responses that Inkaar does. I felt the helplessness that Hajra’s family and Shayan feel.

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