Malaysian Woman Marries Pakistani Guy

The new trend in Pakistan this year regarding weddings is not related t dresses or functions or music but to cultural diversity. Many weddings have taken place this year that have shown a lot of cultural diversity with Pakistani men marrying women from different countries and who has been the match maker every time? Yes, FACEBOOK!

Facebook has made so many matches this year with a huge number of women coming to Pakistan to find love. With a lot of brides coming from the USA, this time it is a Malaysian dulhan who has come to Pakistan and has married a guy from Peshawar. The couple too met over Facebook thus resulting in the bride to travel all the way to Pakistan and finally getting hitched to the love of her life. Check out their wedding photo:

Malaysian Woman Marries Pakistani Guy

This year has seen many cross-cultural marriages and this is another one before the year ends!

Pakeeza Dar