Balaa Episode 31 & 32 Story Review – Slow Progress

Opening Thoughts – Slow Progress:

Ohkay so, this episode of Balaa was again disturbing with not much progress to its credit. I say not much progress because the main culprit has still not been caught & no one knows much about her so far whereas the preview last week did engage me but this episode was a disappointment in that regard. Since in the previous episode, quite a lot happened so they focused on the aftermath but still, the pace of Balaa has been really slow & I am glad they air double episodes otherwise it would’ve been a huge task tuning to it (not that it isn’t still).

Nigar Hasn’t Been Caught Yet:

As far as Nigar was concerned, things were pretty normal for her which I found a little odd. Taimoor was cold & distant but still things were fine between them. In the meantime Nigar had a baby boy & Taimoor got a promotion which he wasn’t too keen about because he knew that Shama needed him the most. Shama lost her senses, obviously with so much that has happened recently, it was imperative that she lost her sensibilities but then Nigar also kept on pushing all the wrong buttons. Honestly, to hear Nigar speak so casually about Saleha & Batool was absolutely disgusting. I really wish the writer has kept a very grave ending for this character because she has really crossed all the limits!

Well, Saba came back after Mateen left her. I really wish they had shown us a bit more of their side of the story to justify how they couldn’t progress & lead a happy life after ruining Zeba’s life. Even though Mateen got a huge amount to lead a comfortable life but it was a done deal that they won’t be happy together so yes, a little more detailing in regards to their track would’ve been better. Well, Junaid also met Mateen by chance & found out the truth that Zeba was innocent & his father was the one who planned all of that. At first, I thought Junaid would give up but it was a good surprise that he didn’t jump off that building & chose to sit there introspecting over why his life turned out this way. I so wish Junaid happens to be the one who triggers Nigar’s undoing because she has put him through a lot too. Also, so much time has passed but Zafar is still stuck on how he should help Junaid or what he should do? He knows that Nigar will never help him still he is waiting for her to arrange a doctor for Junaid? Unconvincing!

Taimoor met Hamza & they both were unable to come to terms with what the other person was saying. Hamza could sense that something was not right whereas Taimoor was still siding with his wife’s version of the story that is why Hamza’s clear stance on how he was not in contact with Batool, couldn’t shake Taimoor up to suspect Nigar at least once. Well, they did show that Taimoor got a call from someone so let’s see if it was from Hamza or someone else. It looks like they will bring Saba & Taimoor together in the end which is something that I am not too keen about because after so much has happened, I want to see Nigar’s end more rather than rooting for a happy ending for a character like Taimoor who did nothing good & didn’t even live upto his relation with Batool, of being her brother, her protector, her savior! Also, in one of the scenes Nigar crossed the line with Shama by calling her ‘kaisi aurat hai ye etc’ & by the end of the episode Taimoor was flirting with Nigar trying to prove a point to Saba, like seriously, what was the writer or the director thinking? Taimoor wants Nigar to take care of Shama but when she misbehaved with her right in front of him, he didn’t utter a word!?! The characters in Balaa have been poorly written. It is too obvious that the writer focused all of her energies on Nigar’s character, that is why she was unable to pay attention to the rest of the characters or their situations.

Closing Thoughts – Disconnected Cast & Crew:

In this episode in particular, I felt the direction was a little off. The actors also seemed a little disconnected from their characters. I am sure bringing such a storyline to life wouldn’t have been easier for the actors’ themselves, may be that is why it looked like they have had enough too. Samina Peerzada’s performance was outstanding though, but then what else can be expected from an actor of her calibre. I hope they give us a detailed ending of Nigar’s character, a rushed ending wouldn’t be enough because they have put us through her torture for so long, so they need to give us a detailed end too showing her miserable, lonely & paying for her crimes. Let’s see when does it happen. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Balaa.

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