Maria Wasti Promotes Malkin On Geo Subah Pakistan

Maria Wasti is coming back into the drama game after some time and we are expecting a powerful performance from the diva who has done some very memorable roles to date. Her intensity and passion makes it hard not to becoming empathetic with whatever character she is playing, including the black and white and all the shades of grey in between.

She was a guest in Shaista Lodhi’s morning show yesterday with co stars Alyy Khan and Samina Ahmed and together they discussed what the essence of their new drama Malkin is. The conversation got quite candid as it flew from the notions of drama to the real life as we all navigate our lives with different relationships and the conflicts and turmoils that creates. Maria was candid in her opinions of how she thinks problems develop and how they should be resolved. Shaista was inquisitive about her opinion as well as those of her audience to understand how people think relatives and especially inlaws can be handled appropriately. Alyy Khan was his usual calm and deep self and gave some very philosophical insight into the issue.

Samina Ahmed obviously brought forth her wisdom of the years into the situation. Together they made up for an interesting watch regarding the problems human beings especially married couples in our society face on a daily basis.