Maria Wasti starring in Junni Zayed’s music video

The super talented Maria Wasti has always been very professional and very original in all her performances. The actress has come a long way from her initial dramas and gathered many admirers along the journey.

Now she is appearing for the first time in a music video. The song is by Junii Zayed and Maria has explained that he is a very dear friend of her and she wants to support him in every way, including lending her face to the videography of his song.

In the heat of this season, Maria is shooting in a beautiful heavy gharara but she really seems to be enjoying herself. In her own words, shooting a music video is a different but interesting experience and the setup and and acting is quite similar working in plays, with the addition of music though.

She says that she will consider doing music videos in the future as well,  as long as she likes the song and backdrop.

Here is a scene from the sets of video, posted by Junii himself.

Mehwish Mansoor