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Mariam Nida & MasterChef Pakistan!


All the avid followers of the show know about Mariam Nida, a contestant of the very first season of MasterChef Pakistan whose journey just ended lately on the show, but she was sweet enough to let us know about her & understand her journey better. That’s why when I got in contact with her, she gave me a detailed insight about her experience on the show & how much she enjoyed being a part of the first ever MasterChef Pakistan. She was all praises for the show so there you go:

Q) What inspired you to come to MasterChef?
A) My passion for food and cooking using new flavors, experimenting with food inspired me to be a part of MasterChef Pakistan. Coming to MasterChef was a dream as I’m a crazy fan of the show, I follow MasterChef Australia and US regularly.

Q) What did you think about the format of the show?
A) Well I think as it’s the biggest cooking competition on Earth and it’s and international show coming to Pakistan for the first time, these guys have done an amazing job. They followed the format as closely as possible. Obviously there’s always a room for improvement but being a part of it I know how much hard-work MasterChef Pakistan team has done.

Q) How would you define the three judges? Please tell us about them individually.
A) When it comes to the judges I really adore them all. They are the food experts and I think they’re perfect for the show as Chef Mehboob is an expert in all cuisines over the world, he prefers healthy food and personally he’s a very friendly and supportive chef. Chef Zakir is the King of Asian cuisine and as it’s MasterChef Pakistan he can judge our food perfectly. Sir Khurram, being a head of food and beverages in one of the best hotels in the world, knows all about food presentation. All judges have done an amazing job, not only they’re my inspiration but I’ve experienced their help and support throughout the show.

Q) Do you think judges have stayed true to the seat & have not been biased?
A) Of course judges have stayed true to their seat, they know all weaknesses and strengths of each contestants so I totally agree with all the decisions they’ve made fairly.

Q) Do you think the current panel of judges is good enough? If you feel the judges should be changed, who would you
A) I think the current panel of judges is very good, they have vast experience in food industry and they know about the show format so I truly think for the seasons to come these are the perfect judges.

Q) Who were you friends with?
A) All contestants were my good friends but Gulnaz, Adnan, Khurram and Sidra were really close to me.

Q) After your elimination; who do you think deserves to win the title?
A) After elimination I truly want Gulnaz to win this title but in terms of cooking techniques and expertise I think Rayyan can win the title. But Ammarah have been consistently hard-working so finger crossed, let’s see.

Q) After watching the episodes, do you think the format & execution of the show & episodes needs to be improved?
A) Given that its the first season, there will always be room for improvement and I’m sure it will keep getting better in future seasons. But overall the level of execution and production of the show, it is surely an amazing effort and one of its kind in Pakistan. And I feel very happy to have been a part of it.

Q) If yes; what changes would you like to see in the show?
A) I love the show. As far as improvements are concerned show timings and days should be increased in futures seasons.

Q) Do you feel the challenges that the contestants are put up with should be more diverse?
A) I think the challenges were very diverse and difficult. One day we would be making Italian food and the next day we would be making local food. Even the local food had to be presented in a unique way to impress the judges. We covered worldwide cuisines and there was so much that was up to the imagination and creativity of the contestants that every plate was always different.

Q) What are your comments on the politics among the contestants that is being covered in the show?
A) When 16 people from completely different backgrounds and personalities are put in one place and you spend all your time with them, there are bound to be some frictions and they did come out during the course of the show. After all it is a reality show and sometimes in the spur of the moment certain emotions do come out. After all said and done, we all have a lot of respect for each other. Everyone is very talented but during that time we were also competitors. And competition is always healthy!

– Please define your co-contestants in one word;
Amna: Fun-loving and talented.
Sidra: Simple and innocent.
Muddasir: Reserved and helpful.
Iqra: Lively and God-gifted.
Gulnaz: Adorable.
Madiha: Gentle and sharp.
Khurram: Jolly and supportive.
Azam: Cheerful and simple.
Saad: Confident.
Zain: Softhearted and friendly.
Rayyan: Co-operative.
Ali Shah: Cheerful.
Aneela: Talented.
Adnan: Loyal.
Ammarah: Hardworking.

Q) What advice would you give to those who’re interested to appear in the next season?
A) I’d like to advice them to be very determined and innovative. They should try different recipes and flavor combinations at home. And be well prepared for the auditions, any kind of challenge can be thrown at them. Best of luck!

– In the end please share your experience & feelings about being a MasterChef contestant & what did it teach you?
– My experience on the show have been life-changing, I’ve learned a lot. The unpredictable challenges taught us time-management and creativity. I often found myself in situations where I was bound to create a dish with limited ingredients and time. I won many challenges and that boosted up my self-confidence. The appreciation from the judges and fellow contestants have encouraged me to pursue my career in cooking. My school management and family have supported me throughout my journey of MasterChef Pakistan. I loved and still cherish each and every second I spent in the MasterChef Kitchen & Knorr pantry was like a treasure-chest full of amazing food jewels. I consider myself very lucky to be a part of the show. Alhumdulilah. :)

So, this is what Mariam Nida had to say about her time spent in the kitchen of MasterChef Pakistan, share what you have to say to & about her. :)

Keep Supporting,
Zahra Mirza.