Aahista Aahista – Episode 08!

Can someone please call 911 & tell that they have seen a psycho lady who yells & breaks things whenever she throws a hissy fit? Can someone also tell them that they’ve spotted a man who’s spineless & isn’t blessed with brains whatsoever? Having said that, this episode was at least a tad bit tolerable because seems like the story is moving forward but still there’s some roothna aur manana left to deal with.

Awazaar’s expressions changed when he saw that his Pakistani Paratha was slipping away & was about to be replaced with Indian Idli on his breakfast table. Haya has certainly made some place in his heart because she has an upper hand in Pakistani cuisine in comparison to Sofia. Awazaar has understood that he can’t live without both these women (yukh) & now agrees that he has wronged every single woman that has ever trusted him.

The na-maloon fard i-e Shireen Apa got some coverage in this episode too where once again she tried to show her unwanted & unnecessary concern for this family. I wish someone tells me how’s this lady related to them? Once again Shireen Apa told us how does she fit the bill of being a distant/immediate relative because whenever she speaks, she pushes all the wrong buttons. Once again Awazaar who has no brains of his own ate the food of thought that Shireen Apa gave to him to make him realize that he can’t be without Haya’s Pakistani Pakwaan.

The only part that I enjoyed watching in this episode was Nousherwaan Uncle & his conversation with Haya. At least it’s good to see someone else in this otherwise boring drama. It was good to see that Haya tried to open up in front of him & his wife & now she has someone she can speak to in future because the place where she resides is so dense & gloomy that it makes one suffocated.

I think this Goa trip makes no sense because a person like Sofia who is so dominating & insecure is now ready to leave her husband behind? Obviously as seen in the preview of the next episode, she is going to make sure that Haya leaves her place but still, how can she leave Awazaar behind? She seems like one of those people who would even pack her husband in a suitcase & tag him along her because she is so insecure. I wish they had tried their hands on showing the frustration of the already frustrated Sofia in a better way rather than crushing innocent things like spoons & expensive vases. I mean was so much negativity really necessary?

Pretty average episode but I think next episode would be interesting to see because Awazaar will look like a headless chicken running to make sure Bumble Bee doesn’t find out about his first love Sofia. Is it just me or Sarwat Gillani looks like she is going for a horseback riding every single time she dresses up with those long boots? They put in a lot of efforts in the production so I wish they had selected some more wardrobe options for Sofia as she has repeated so many clothes that it looks like they ran out of budget that’s why she had to stick to very limited dressing options. Share your thoughts on this episode.

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