Marasim – Episode 17!

Even though this episode had some amazing acting but it was kind of predictable. We all know where the story was headed to but to see it all happening to Nayab wasn’t appeasing at all.

I did feel a lot for Daood actually & it was emotional to see such a nice person like him suffering like that but still he knows he can’t undo anything. He can not return to where he began his life with Nayab, he knows whatever he did has back-lashed at him & for that no matter how sorry or apologetic he is, his fate has been sealed & the decision has been made.

All those confessions uttered by him that subliminally referred to his death were heart-wrecking. Deep within, he knows he has a very limited time left with his family & for that he is trying to make the most of it. He now knows that no matter how much he loved Momenah & how much he had wanted her, she wasn’t the right choice & they both weren’t meant to be. Daood has clearly declared it in front of his mother that Momenah left him in the lurch because she couldn’t deal with the burden of leaving her husband. Obviously, Daood still tried to be kind enough in regards to Momenah but he knows what actually has made her disappear from his life for good.

Even though it was good to see Nayab getting all the comforts in the presence of Daood once again, it was good to see her content & happy at her husband’s return but then it makes Daood look like a villain & a selfish person who walked away from his wife when he got his hands on the love of his life but now when he has no other option left, he’s back with a huge secret & is keeping Nayab in the dark by not revealing the real motive of his return.

If Daood actually cared for his wife & mother, he would’ve openly told them the reason of why he has shifted back. I think this is worst then leaving Nayab before. Right now Nayab must be thinking she got her husband back who is ready to start afresh but it’s sad to see that she is oblivious of the actual reason. Another thing that bothers me is the way Nayab now comes across as such a weakling who was ready to accept her husband even after how he wronged her & literally ditched her. Nayab should’ve fought with him & threw some tantrum of not accepting him back but seems like she was fine with the way Daood walked out on their marriage. It now makes me feel that we were being worried for Nayab for no good reason because seems like she herself isn’t bothered much about what her life has to offer. She seems pretty numb after Zaid’s death so I feel we shouldn’t feel too bad for her.

Another powerful conversation that we got to see was between Daood & Gaitiara where tried to make her understand how she was becoming like her mother in law & how he dreaded seeing Nayab becoming the next Gaitiara. He knows that he has a very little time left to make Gaitiara understand that she shouldn’t unnecessarily hold a grudge against Nayab because in any case, she’s innocent. The way Daood explained it to Gaitiara that he feels burdened for how he has hurt an innocent person like Nayab was quite overwhelming.

Ah! It was a pretty heavy episode emotionally & I must say I have never liked Ahsan Khan better in any other role than the one he has portrayed in this drama. He has been flawless as Daood & the director has put in an extra effort in bringing out the emotions best way possible. No complains but only praises for this drama serial. Share your thoughts on this episode.

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