Marriage Agrees With Moomal Khalid

Moomal Khalid is one of the few celebrities with very tragic past, not long ago she was in a fatal accident that claimed the life of her then fiance while she was severely injured. But unlike many people she was able to work through her trauma and find a way to happiness again. She married actor Usman Patel last year in December.

Moomal Khalid And Usman Patel Got Married!

The couple looks pretty happy together and it looks like the marriage is treating them well. The couple is seen often sharing their pictures on their social media and not just that they are working on some projects together too. The couple is often seen dinning out together and selfying their way through it.

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It’s often said that marriage has it’s own glow and it is probably true for this couple. They are brimming with this glow in these post marriage pictures.

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We hope this couple stays as awesome and as beautiful as it already is and wish them all the happiness in this world.


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