Mathira Criticizes Qandeel Baloch

Qandeel Baloch used a very negative way to gain publicity but she does not care whether the media hype is negative or positive because she enjoys all the attention she is getting. She isn’t the first female who used extreme measures which are not socially acceptable to make herself known. Mathira and few other guests were invited on Dawn News Talk Show in which they were asked to comment on the tactics being used by some people to gain publicity.


When such a discussion is taking place Qandeel Baloch’s name is the first one which is discussed. When the host asked how Mathira felt about Qandeel’s publicity stunts she said,

“You should show your talent if you want to use Social Media to get popular. If you’re pretty, do a beautiful photo shoot and show your pictures. If you can sing, make a nice song. Asking people to marry you, saying things like I have a headache and talking about such irrelevant things and making a video of it does not count as talent.”


Mathira also said when you’re doing a show or when you are part of the show as a guest you should not cross a certain line. She said that when she did not know Urdu, callers used to cross that line and she talked to them in the same tone too but she preferred not to cross that line.

She also criticized Qandeel Baloch for pointing fingers at others and naming big celebrities to get attention. She also said,

“People might enjoy all this for a little while but after some time they will start making fun of you. It is not about straight forwardness, if they were straight forward they won’t be taking off their clothes. I am straight forward but I will never say I will strip for someone.”

She also said,

“I also did a lot of things that were wrong because I did not know better, because of the cultural difference but people who have lived in Pakistan all their lives should not have an cultural difference. Secondly, making fake accents and talking weird is wrong.”


Mathira said,

“People say a lot of things about me but that is because they want to be like me or they have something against me.”


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