Mawra And Ahad’s Love Story In Aangan’s Teaser

Yes, the most anticipated drama of the season Aangan is all ready to hit our screens soon. The teasers are coming out and people are falling in love with it quite easily. Every actor has tried to do her or his best in the drama. The latest teaser from Aangan shows Jameel aka Ahad Raza Mir and Aaliya aka Mawra Hocane’s love and now we know there is going to be a triangle between Chammi aka Sajal Aly and these two. Ahad Raza Mir is looking swoon-worthy as Jameel while Mawra is also trying her best to portray Aaliya the best. Aangan is going to be one hell of a ride with a lot of strain on the emotions as it is a period drama and will show the characters’ hardships in their relations and at the time of partition. The teasers are extremely promising but it will be interesting to watch how people are going to react on Ahad’s pairing with Mawra in the presence of Sajal. Here take a look at Jameel and Aaliya’s love story:

Aangan will be hitting the screens soon and the expectations are already sky high. Let’s see who is going to impress the audiences more with their pre-partition style!

Pakeeza Dar