Maya Ali Speaks About Getting Stereotyped & Teefa In Trouble

Maya Ali is surely the queen of Pakistan’s drama industry as she has given numerous hits. Case in point are Mera Naam Yousuf Hai, Diyar-e-Dil, and Aunn Zara. Apart from drama serials; the young actress is also frequently seen in television commercials, posing on magazine covers and conquering the ramp. She is now all set to spread her magic in Pakistani cinema too with her debut film ‘Teefa in Trouble’.

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Speaking to Instep, Maya shares details about her upcoming debut film opposite Ali Zafar, the need for strong writing for women in television and more.

Maya describes her character in the film, Anya, as a woman she had wanted to portray for a long time. “I wanted to do a character that is different from everything I have done. I don’t want people to relate it to any of my previous work(s) and that’s exactly why it took me a while in finalizing my debut film. Anya is very similar to who I am in person. She’s not dependent on anyone at all, she doesn’t need anyone to save her and she enjoys life and is a very free-spirited soul.”

When asked that she has stereotyped herself as an emotionally, morally and socially deprived woman in plenty of productions. Maya replied, “I started my career with characters that I enjoyed, roles that were very ‘happening’ but I ended up playing the proverbial damsel-in-distress because those were the roles that were being offered to me.”

Maya is hoping to change both her image and the criticism that follows such regressive roles with her work in Teefa in Trouble. “I guarantee you that you’ll experience all the emotions, be it drama, romance, comedy or action. I trust my director completely and I’m sure he’ll make something different from what we’ve seen so far. Ali has worked in so many Bollywood films and has such a vast exposure that I’m sure I’ll get to learn a lot from him. At the end of the day, I’m relaxed because I know I’m in safe hands now.”

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She further continued, “I remember getting no feedback at all for Sanam when my character wasn’t crying. There were no ratings at all. In Zidd I played a woman who lives without her husband and that wasn’t accepted by the audience. I think we need to start writing drama serials that show woman as strong, independent individuals, but more than anything, I blame the audience for that. We tried but it didn’t happen because it didn’t work. Through art, I believe we must give out subliminal messages and Teefa in Trouble does exactly that.”

The actress was reportedly offered lead role opposite Akshay Kumar in Rustom and upcoming film Ikka. “I love my country and the only reason I was offered movies in India was because I was already working extensively in Pakistan. I didn’t feel bad when they didn’t happen. At this point of time, I want to stay here, in Pakistan and earn enough love and acceptability by my own people. That’s what matters to me the most,” she said on a parting note.

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