Watch Video: Two Girls Took A Step Against Woman Violence & Harassment

Two Pakistani girls, Zoya Khan and sister Zara Khan beat up a man, after he harassed one of them on Tariq Road, Karachi.

Sexual harassment or molestation is very common in Pakistan at public places, be it roads or events. But what these girls did is a lesson for everyone out there. Instead of staying quiet, these girls taught him a lesson and shared it with the world.

A video of Zoya and Zara, sharing the whole situation has gone viral on social media. In the video, elder sister Zoya said, “I started screaming once he groped me but was unable to do anything as i was carrying a number of shopping bags in my hand but my sister, threw everything and ran after the man.”

“When i followed my sister to where the man was, i was shocked and surprised. There was a crowd of more than 30 people surrounding the molester and all of them were beating him along with my sister.”

These girls took a step against women violence and harassment. They are surely an inspiration and motivation to all those innocents who are victims. Vigilante justice is somehow the only way left in our society, owing to lack of woman safety.

Rimsha Butt