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“Maya” Isn’t Maya Ali’s Real Name!!

Maya Ali has been seen playing many different characters in dramas. Her fans know all about her work but how much do we really know about other personal things of our favorite actors? How many people know that Maya is not really Maya’s real name. Her birth name is Mariam but she was nick named Maya. When she started her showbiz career, she decided to use Maya as her name in the world of glitz and glam. While talking to Mag Weekly Maya Ali said,

“My friend had produced my first show, and he said that since we all call you Maya, let us just keep that, and that’s why you all know me by my nick.”
Talking about her career till now and everything she has achieved Maya Ali said,
“I had never anticipated a career in showbiz, that people would know me as Maya Ali and that I’d get so much success in such a short period……but now that I’m here, I have realized how blessed I am and I still have a lot to do.”
maya 6
It makes Maya Ali very disturbed that critics are too quick to pass judgments without taking into consideration all the hard work that goes into making a serial. She said,
“When we are working on a serial we put in a lot of hard work, we act in challenging weathers and work round-the-clock, but when the show goes on air, people pass judgements without actually going through the entire series. Instead of passing direct judgements viewers should at least wait for the drama to progress and the storyline to develop. So for all those critics, please don’t just evaluate so soon!”
Maya Ali also shared what she is looking for in her life partner. Here is what she had to say:
“Should be handsome, should be educated, family achi honi chahiye, and I won’t say that I will manage with whatever he earns, he should earn well and be well- established so that I can live comfortably.”
Maya Ali is just as fed up of working in the same kind of serials as the viewers are of watching them. While talking about the scripts nowadays she said,
“The problem is all the scripts that are being produced are motivated by ratings and feature typical characters and genres, I want a different role and I am open to it.”

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