Mol – Episode 19

Emaan, honey, it’s really sweet that you keep a diary, but since a diary is supposed to be a place where you can confide your innermost feelings and in your case, jot down 101 ways to get Shahnu, you are supposed to keep it where no one can see it! But heyy, if my memory doesn’t deceive me, this isn’t the first time that Emaan has put her personal stuff on display – remember how Sajal got hold of the fertility report and could easily interpret that Emaan is infertile? Emaan couldn’t care less about her privacy, that I can see. On a serious note, if one of the main characters keeps a diary, it’s definitely something that should be introduced and established in the beginning, I mean, Emaan’s diary magically appeared in the second last episode! I didn’t use this word for the earlier episodes but I’d have to say it this time: the latest episode was downright repulsive. Mol had stopped making sense a while ago, but this episode was so bad that as the credits rolled by, I just had to give myself a pat on the back for making it through!

Jab shauhar sara din kaam kar kay ghar aata hai, tou uss ko apni biwi kay saath beth kar, apni dil ki baat kehnay ka dil chahta hai. Ab yeh decide karna hai kay kis biwi say. What sort of culture do they wish to promote here? One thing about Mol that has always bothered me is how on the one hand, there are these seemingly deep and intelligent folktale references and overblown falsafa, but on the other, we get to hear shallow, demeaning and carelessly penned dialogues like the one mentioned above. I was totally reminded of all the dusri biwi and dusri shadi plays I have put up with, but at least those plays didn’t promise anything different so we all knew what we’d signed up for, but the thing about Mol is that it promised quality entertainment, it promised a ‘unique love story of two people with contrasting personalities’, but sorry to say, love stories don’t involve dusri biwian and dusri shadian. They just don’t.

Normally I am all praises for Sheheryaar, but whoa, what was that all about? His heartfelt confession in the last episode and his strong dislike for Sajal and the way he was adamant that he wouldn’t give this relationship a chance – itna drama kyun when he just HAD to turn to Biwi No.2 when Biwi No.1 wasn’t around! Sheheryaar is NOT being Sheheryaar. The fact that the only sane character of the show is not staying true to his character has left me with this I-just-can’t-take-it-anymore feeling.

Is it wrong that I was totally pleased with Sanober giving Emaan a piece of her mind in the first scene of the episode? OK, Sanober is brusque and painfully loud, but the fact that she doesn’t shy away from calling a spade a spade makes her bearable. The only part of this episode that I found a little realistic was Rohail and his family leaving their house. Mubarak ho! What was Emaan thinking? She can’t turn a blind eye to the glaring reality that Sanober and Rohail are Shahnaam’s birth parents, and Emaan, in spite of her undying love for Shahnaam is not his mother so can we just accept that and move on and end this play? Thank you.

Considering the note on which the episode ended and the promo of the next episode, things don’t look good for Emaan and truth be told, this doesn’t surprise( or upset) me in the least because girl, you got yourself into this. In Dastaan e Lila Chanesar, Lila, driven by her desire to get hold of the naulakha haar, put everything on stake and spent the rest of her life in anguish and misery. With Sheheryaar’s marriage to Sajal and Shahnaam gone, Emaan is empty handed. Let’s see how they wrap things up. Episode 20 is the last one and I couldn’t be happier!

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Maryam Mehdi


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