Meera And Iffat Omar Had A Fiery Debate On Age

Meera and Iffat Omar have been indulged in ugly debate over age limit and shelf life of actor In which Meera was of the view that there is no shelf life of an actor, whereas Iffat Omar was of the view that I am not talking about Actor, I am talking about Heroine on which Meera said then Angelina Julie and Mahira should stay at home, mostly our actresses in sub-continent are mature why are they working? , now times have changed and age doesn’t matter and filmmakers are ready to cast mature actors. Why do our people like Hollywood movies? 
Iffat said, “because of content ” but Meera was of the view that no because they are not into these age complexes.

Then Iffat Omar came to Saqib malik and asked who would you cast if you will have a certain sketch of a character on your mind on which he said, “World has changed and now there are characters written for all ages we can give example of Baji obviously ”

Iffat said, “no, this is a problem for me whenever I post my pictures people comment that you too old for this, etc so it bothers me.

Then Meera said in a lighter mood that,” I urge you all you aren’t allowed to say anything about age to Iffat Omar then Iffat said not only me but all the girls.

Meera urged to all girls that please don’t say things on age.

Then Iffat came directly to the question that was bothering her for so long and it was obviously about age. She said Meera I am 47 and soon will be turning 48 now minus the years from it and tell how old are you?
Meera said, my age on google…
No! Not of google’s one I want the number, she isn’t giving me the number.

Meera replied that I want to tell the girls admirers and the fans that Age and number don’t need to be told, hide it and I am the iconic Meera Ji and it is alright if you hide your age.

Saqib Malik also came to favor Meera and said why is age important.

 Do let us know what did you find out of it, Meera Ji hiding age or doing lead, also hiding age was that big a crime?  wasn’t it ignored if she didn’t believe in telling it? Also, Meera was of the view that in Subcontinent all lead actresses are 35 plus that proves the time has changed and actors and actresses do stay long. Don’t you think hosts and anchors need to be neutral and unbiased and they should not impose their thoughts and ideologies on others like the guests and viewers?

Besides this, the second part of the show was calm at the part of the host and things seemed to have settled down as Iffat asked them to come again which was accepted by the guests.
Do let us know such shows need to be aired or there should be a line that personals should not be asked.
We have posted both videos the full part and the specific debate of the show.

Screenshot 20190911 024713

  • For god sake anglina jolee is in her early 40’s ,mahira is only 34 yrs ,old and both looks fit to do any roles ! Mahira has just given a blockbuster film superstar, where she start with young girl and blossom into a woman ,beautiful and talented ! Most pak actresses are 30 plus,Maya just turned 30 yrs old ,mawish 36yrs, BW PC 36 yrs, sonam kapoor 34 yrs , HW Julia Roberts 47 yrs old, jennefir aniston,42 yrs old ! Get with the time !

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