Mohsin Abbas In Another Controversy

Fatima Sohail, the ex-wife of Mohsin Abbas Haider, accused him of beating, abusing and assaulting her since the start of their marriage. He claimed that all the accusations against him are baseless. Well after all the cases and statements, Mohsin and Fatima finally got divorced. 


Fatima told the media that her husband was having an affair with the model Nazish Jahangir and she can’t live with him. She plea for khula and finally got it. 

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Mohsin Abbas got into another controversy recently. A picture of him video chatting with Nazish Jahangir went viral over the internet. They both were in their night dresses. What the hell is this? Such an open picture means Fatima was absolutely right about him. They were having an affair before and now they are publically accepting it.


What is Mohsin going to do next? Is this even true or is it just another rumor to ruin his personality. Let us know in the comments section below. 

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  • He has a life of his own. Anyone not happy with his partner will look for other alternatives. This was best for him, I guess, so let’s leave him alone and let him decide. thanks.

    • For your kind information we are Muslim and being a Muslim it is not allowed to have any sexual relation with any girl for God sake please study Holy Quran we are far far behind our religious

    • There is no issue when you are not happy with your partner you start looking for another partner but should be done in a gentleman way you cannot be a dishonest, cheater and lover at a time

      • Pheli bat ye hai mohsin ne apni qabar me jana hai apne apni qabar me . I know wo ghalat kar raha leken ap uska kuch bhi nhi kar saktay . Ap bs ye faltu comments kar saktay

  • She is right he is a cheater and a drama baz as well. He created a drama of depression to get sympathy and then all this happened. If so many people are witnesses then how it is wrong. Fatima is free from an abusive relationship. Now it is Ms. Nazish out look what she decides for her life bc such mentally is not changed. If you go through his previous interviews he was same with his mother. It was his mother who had given liberty to him for such behavior. Punjabi maaon ka pyaar. They basically ruined the life of their son. He had a comfortable life through out and did what he wants, so why he is depressed. He is not sick he is morally sick bc of his upbringing. That’s my view after reviewing his life as doctor. Intact I was his fan and had sympathy as well and wanted to do his treatment as well.

  • Moshin was so smug and arrogant thinking everyone was believing his lies, he thinks people are stupid.
    He is a woman beating cheater.

    a man with no honour deserves no respect. Nazish is a cheap home wrecker who deserves a man like him. He will do exactly the same to her. May they rot in misery.

    • He is not even worthy of our comments, such a cheap person, even before this all I considered him a very average man and a third class actor

  • The kind of him. The Success Has gone into his head. The print and E media should boycott him. No casting in movies either. He is not worth

  • Mohsin when I see him First time before this this matter start .I found him show baz and mean.
    Now with time reveal he is Kaminah cheap and chotia insan.

  • So all of it was true nothing stays hidden allah always is with the person who tells the truth. Lies never stay hidden .good luck sister Fatima allah is always with you he is the provider who watches over everyone including the liars no mater how they lie .may allah give you peace and happiness for future ameen our duas. are with you and your son ameen

  • Mohsin open zip of your pants and suck ur own dik now, i spit on ground for you go get drown in it.
    You used quran for your personal gains and fames, Allah will get you for this.

  • Once you are married and have children, one should stay steadfast you may be lured to many a temptations in life. Now you have ruined the life of your child. You deserve no Mercy now.

  • This is his and nazish personal life. We should not interfr. Secondly the ex wife must see her own way now. Stop spreading rumors about Mohsin.

  • I think that is his personl life. We’ve no right to judge anyone. But the thing is no women want divorce happily we can pray for her. As Nazish jahangir also a women so we’ve to respect every women being a muslim so this is wrong to viral anyone’s personal chat or contacts because we don’t know the actual picture behind this & we can’t understand anyone’s majburi or intention. Allah knows best.

  • Seriously 😒, it looks that we Pakistani really have nothing else to do other than gossip about others life…. Now after divorce we are trying to find another reason to accuse him, we are no one to judge others by seeing pictures only, in my opinion not even seeing them in real as being a Muslim we are requested by Allah to cover other people sins not advertise… but what we are doing…. Thanks for reading my comment, it may improve our way of thinking and start thinking differently.

  • Basically if you see Fatima is also so beautiful i really like her and offer her to marry with me. In case of Mohsin he have his own life leave him alone, If he is wrong ALLAH will punish him.

  • Well its sorted out they got divorced .no more comments on this issue would show the maturity from both side.we can nt judge two wrongs or rights would make difference both seemed to ignore the child they had.this damage would last till next generation. I am worried how would it impact this child while both playing game of self ego self reputations. None of them seem responsible. ALLAH ALMIGHTY would handle it best way.

  • What personality this basturd has , from the very first day everyone knew he was lying and more over this son of a bitch pledged over the holy book that he and nazish are not in relation .
    As far as fatima is concerned she herself asked for khulla, which is a very wise and decent desicion for her , it’s always better to get apart gracefully rather than indulging in dirty filthy dramas .Good for fatima and her son to stay away from such a cheap and charaterless person .
    May ALLAH be with her and her son always.

  • mujay smj nhi ati ky mohsin ko itna ku target kiya ja raha hai…
    in sb sy wo payaar aur izat jo hum mohsin abbas sy krtay hain wo km nhi honay wali ….inshallah ..stay blessed mohsin abbas haider …jahan be raho mola ke amaan mein raho

  • He ruined a woman’s life. Ruined a child’s life. He swore on the Quran. Feels like he lost his duniya & akhirah. I think this is the 1st of more to come info where he will be exposed.

  • Mubarak ho Mohsin jhooti orat ko win Kiya bus ab orat raaj hi chal reha ha . Ab Kahan Hain mahira humza iqra Aziz jaisi Jo khud jaisi cunning Ka sath deti Hain begair tasdeq k . Actors Tu bht sensitive hote Hain bt APK case ma selfish logn ne apka sath ni Diya kitne monafiq Hain sub mazq Raat jisko apki waja se Dekha jata tha wo bi baded bus aise hi Hain log Khair Allah apko khusian de aik bar phr borai ko Chor dena Acha na k sath rekho .

  • I dnt kwn why Sb is pichy pr gy. Usko pora right hai New life strt krny ka. Jisy b kry. apny pag py dali hai na jisko dakhni dakhy nh to na. Ovr acting ki zrurt nhi shyd kisi ko b.

  • It is waste of time to read and comment on these rubbish storey,who says Mohsin has personality by face he look like crimnal & doccite

  • Pakistan film, TV and Radio industry reach to a level where women respect, integrity, ethics and sex is cheaper then a cup of tea. 99% girls are rebellion to their parents. The parents close the eyes when women of the family open the flow of fortune. 99% women in this industry do not deserve any respect. One old celebrity who died said respect a prostitute as the have some principles but never trust Pakistan actress who only have vulgarity to show rest every thing is mortgage to needs, desires and addiction.

  • Mohsin Abbas this is the start of your downfall ,,,, you lies will ruin your life.You thought it’s a joke holding Quran in your hand and lie now you will see what Allah will do.

  • Mohsin se zyada funny aur idiots tou os k fans Hain Jo pataah Nahi kyu oss k fans hain. Ek number ka corrupt aadmi. Oski shakal dekhte he ahsas hojae k bande mein kuch masla hai. Meri duua hai k yeh Jo farigh aurtein fans isko itni taareefei karrahi Hain jaise k roz os k saath rehti Hain inki apni life mein bhi Aese he haraami mard aayen. Aese he in ka tamasha lagey social media par. Aese he inki pitaai ho aur Aese he Phir talaak ho. Ameen sumameen
    Uselessly blindly shetaano ka saath Dena band Karo. Apne ghar k maslo par dhyaan do

  • No one accept their own mistake cuz those basterd thinks we accept our mistakes we lose our self respect, reputation 😂😂😂😂😂 opposite negative thought.
    None one knows what’s the truth accept Allah and those so being talking about them relax yourself and wait for the final moral kuekhe akhir Mai burai burai krne walon ke saath hi hti hai chahe wo kitne hi apne apko such sabit krne keliye khud ko beach hi kue na dale.

  • this topic is not to discuss publicly…. their personal family matter… not to concern with public … we are as a nation that who enjoy others problem and matters….

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