Saba Qamar And Mahira Khan Are Not Friends

When it comes to counting the best actresses of the Pakistani television industry, Saba Qamar’s name has always been at the top of the list. Saba has proved herself that she is a lady full of talents. 


There is only a single rumor about the relationship of Saba Qamar with another superstar of Pakistan showbiz-Mahira Khan.

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Saba Qamar recently appeared as a guest on the latest episode of The Munshi Show. A lot of mysteries about her life were revealed. She was completely frank in her answers without giving any diplomatic answers. 


Momin Ali Munshi asked Saba ’Are you friends, frenemies or are you enemy to Mahira Khan? People want to know!’. This question was not at all shocking as she has been asked such questions much time. 

’We are not friends’, Saba Qamar said it politely and continued her statement ’But there is no such problem between us as well’. Mahira and Saba never got an opportunity to work together.People have made an issue out of nothing! 

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Well, Saba Qamar answered all meaningless rumors. They don’t know each other so well because they never worked together and not because they are enemies. What do you all think? Tell us in the comments section below. 


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  • People assume all actors know each other. and are in and out of each other lives. This is not true in Pakistan,BW,and HW. Mahira has always said that her closets friends are from her childhood. She is respectful and friendly terms with her co actors and others pak show bizz artists! Plus,mahira had never said any thing negative about any one, so ,this is the best model for up coming actresses, be respectful and professional,so no one can say anything negative about you. There are many in media who are always comparing Saba with mahira. Both have totally different vibes ,it shows in their character choices and their acting styles ! They are totally different actors,as it should be ,mahira has build her own fan following and Saba has hers! Really ,do not see the desired by others to make something out of nothing !

  • Out of courtesy we are respectful and civil with the people around us whether in our university or our workplace. It doesn’t mean they are our friends. I’m sure that is the same for them.

    How about we share stories of women empowerment rather than he said she said.

  • Both are good and hard working actresses and I adore saba qamar alot as she has done such great job in Baghi drama, cheekh, maat, well done! Besides her Mahira is a well known actress too we all should respect and never ever spread such kinda worst rumours about them being Pakistani we should encourage others not to discouraged.. Stay blessed both :)

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