Meera Barred From Entering PSL Final? Here’s what she has to say!

Pakistani star Meera is yet again making headlines. According to rumours doing rounds, Meera was barred from entering Gaddafi Stadium since she wasn’t carrying tickets for the event. However, she has finally responded to rumours that claimed she was stopped from attending last night’s PSL final in Lahore and had to settle for watching the match at home as she was denied entry after all her efforts!

According to Meera, she was stopped by the police from entering the Gaddafi Stadium on Sunday. “I had not purchased the tickets myself, yes, because I had just returned from Dubai and wasn’t feeling well. In fact, I spent the day getting a body massage to feel better,” she told The Express Tribune. “But I came to the stadium because my sponsors wanted me to and for the sake of my fans who were waiting there for me. My sponsors had arranged V-VIP tickets but they were inside Gaddafi stadium and I was outside.”

Meera continued, “The issue was that the tickets were with the financiers. When I got to the stadium, the police officials present stopped me and asked me to show them my tickets. Thankfully, my sponsors came out and took me inside with them. I watched the match live from the V-VIP lounge.”

Rimsha Butt