Meera Jee is on fire!

Whenever we take Meera Jee’s name there is bound to be controversy attached to it. The lady knows how to stay in news and never fails to amuse us. Be it her English or her engagements she always makes to the breaking news section. Recently Meera has been in the news for taking a dig at Maryam Safdar where she blamed the government for severe load shedding and termed them as butchers.


Next up was Ushna who got under her twitter fire because of her hypocrisy status:

And now its none other than President of the USA Donald Trump. Meera really gave a nice and impressive shut up call to him on his Qatar comment and here is what she had to say:

Plus she also pointed to the president’s expression:

Is Meera turning into twitter’s Hamza Ali Abbasi? Whatever every one will think she is definitely talking out people’s minds. Way to go Meera Jee!


Pakeeza Dar