Meera Nachegi Reality Show!

It’s rare to not have any Meera related news in a span of a week and here she is again, dropping yet another bomb of a news! If there’s one thing this actress knows, it’s how to always be in the headlines. Here’s the reason why she’s in the news yet again:

Meera Jee is all set to star in a reality TV show to be aired on GEO TV. There has been no official announcement but trust Meera Jee to get the rumour mills working. We were still processing her getting married to Captain Naveed when we heard about this!

This is what she had to say about the show:

According to her, people will love it. She was very tight lipped about what the show will entail but did say that it will be dance-related, as the name says.



Arsala Khalid

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