Meera Refuses To Recognize Mahira Khan, Says Hamayun Saeed Should Leave Mehwish Hayat alone!!!

Meera’s statements about Mahira Khan created a stir in the media few months ago. Meera tweeted some 8 months back that people should stop watching Mahira Khan’s plays because she did not know how to act. She also said that Mahira Khan replaced her in a major project by MD Productions which is why she was so upset with the actress.

Meera was also reported as saying that SRK offered a film to her but because of Mahira Khan she also lost that opportunity. She also had a suggestion for Mahira. She said,

“If we create groups within the industry, the situation will get worse. So, I humbly request Mahira to come forward on the basis of her talent only and stop sidelining me.” 

Even after so many months it looks like Meera has not forgiven Mahira but she has it seems forgotten all about her!!!! Meera was invited to Faisal Qureshi’s Morning Show. There is a segment in his show in which the guest is shown different pictures and is asked to comment on them. When Mahira Khan’s picture was shown to Meera, she said that she did not recognize her. Later on, she said good things about Mahira but still pretended as if she was a nobody and as if Meera could not even recall her name!

Watch the video clip here:


When Meera was shown Hamayun Saeed’s picture, she said that he should leave Mehwish Hayat and pair with her instead because Mehwish Hayat did not look good with him only Meera looks good with him.